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Obesity and Nutrition

01/13/11 Race Plays Role in Weight-Related Counseling among Obese Patients

12/08/10 Parents' Influence On Children’s Eating Habits is Limited

08/18/10 Overweight American Children and Adolescents Becoming Fatter

06/17/10 Study Examines Pro-Anorexia and Pro-Bulimia Websites

05/12/10 Researchers Discover Additional Benefit of Vitamin A

05/06/10 Social Context May Be a Better Indicator of Obesity Disparities than Race

11/02/09 Decrease in Physical Activity May Not Be a Factor in Increased Obesity Rates among Adolescents

10/28/09 Mortality Rates Reduced among Children Whose Mothers Received Iron-folic Acid Supplements

09/03/09 Diets High in Meat Consumption Associated with Obesity

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