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Infectious Diseases

01/31/11 Researchers Test Inhalable Measles Vaccine

01/26/11 Male Circumcision Shown to Prevent HPV Infections in Female Partners

11/08/10 Study Examines Risk of Heterosexual HIV Transmission in China

09/27/10 Computer Model Shows U.S. Vulnerable to MDR-TB Epidemic

09/01/10 Revaccination Could Benefit HIV-Infected Children

08/12/10 Researchers Begin Human Trials of New Dengue Vaccine

07/02/10 Researchers Urge Wider Use of Diarrheal Disease Control Measures

06/23/10 Implementing Existing Interventions Could Save Lives in Sub-Saharan Africa

05/12/10 Infectious Diseases Caused Two-Thirds of the Nearly 9 Million Child Deaths Globally in 2008

05/11/10 JHMRI Receives Gates Foundation Grant to Study “Evolution-Proof” Pesticide to Prevent Malaria

05/03/10 Antibiotic Use and Environmental Exposure Are Key Factors Affecting Antibiotic Resistant E. Coli Carriage in Children in Peru

03/29/10 Business Affiliation Could Increase Potential Risk of Farm-to-Farm Transmission of Avian Influenza

03/16/10 Keeping Up with the Neighbors Speeds Vaccine Use

03/02/10 Mosquitoes—Not Birds—May Have Carried West Nile Virus Across U.S.

12/30/09 Transmission Dynamics of H1N1 Similar to Previous Influenza Strains

12/21/09 Researchers Identify Tuberculosis Strain That Thrives on Antibiotic

11/12/09 Groundbreaking Advances in Malaria Research Show Promise for Fight Against One of the World’s Deadliest Diseases

10/28/09 Dean Klag Encourages Support of World Pneumonia Day

08/21/09 Pneumonia Surveillance Program Named Project of the Year (web article)

06/01/09 Cost-Effective Measures Could Stop Child Pneumonia Deaths

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