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Enivornmental Health

05/03/10 Antibiotic Use and Environmental Exposure Are Key Factors Affecting Antibiotic Resistant E. Coli Carriage in Children in Peru

04/07/10 Bloomberg School of Public Health Awarded LEED® Gold for Green Building Project

03/30/10 Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing—Europe Established

03/29/10 Business Affiliation Could Increase Potential Risk of Farm-to-Farm Transmission of Avian Influenza

11/11/09 CLF Director Robert Lawrence Receives APHA’s Highest Honor

11/03/09 Water and Health: Global Issues and Our Shared Responsibilities

08/26/09 European REACH Legislation for Chemicals May Require More Animals and Funds than Estimated

08/25/09 Secondhand Smoke Levels Higher in Cars than in Bars or Restaurants

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