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Summer Institutes

Summer Institutes

It’s time to turn up the heat on your public health education.

Registration is open for the Summer Session at the Johns Hopkins Institutes of Public Health.

Take a course to pick up a few credits or to explore a public health subject that interests you. Choose from a line-up of diverse and thought-provoking topics offered through 10 institutes.

The 2016 course schedule runs from May 23 through July 31.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Summer Institutes:

5. Flexible format and diverse course offerings. While you are enjoying the summer, you can take a course online or on campus.  There are more than 100 courses to choose from in the 10 institutes. From current health care policy to mental health care delivery to disease eradication and more—there’s a subject matter to fulfill your interests. 

4.  Short-term, condensed courses.  Courses range from 1 day to 3 weeks.  As a student, you will receive the same level of quality education you’ve come to know and expect from the Bloomberg School. The only difference is the condensed course format.

3. Academic credit or non-credit options available. Whether you are seeking continuing education credits or simply pursuing public health knowledge to complement your career, the Summer Institutes provide a diverse group of courses that will fit your aspirations.  And, non-credit courses can be taken at a reduced cost.

2.  Access to top-notch faculty who teach emerging topics and research methods in public health. World-renowned faculty who are intimately involved in all aspects of public health practice and research teach courses in the Summer Institutes. In this information rich, yet engaging environment, students, alongside faculty, gain practical knowledge to impact real-world public health concerns.

1.  Pick up some credits for graduation.  The Summer Institutes is also designed to allow students to earn additional credits for graduation, without consuming the entire summer break.  Depending on requirements and course design, students can earn multiple credits for a public health course in the Summer Institutes. And, it’s a great way to complete the onsite instruction requirement (check your program requirements).

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