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World Autism Awareness Day


The Bloomberg School building glows blue and screens a new film on April 2.


In observance of World Autism Awareness Day, the Bloomberg School will show the new Wendy Klag Center short film, “Childhood Interrupted: Unraveling the Mysteries of Autism.” Join Center Director M. Daniele Fallin, PhD, in the Monument Street Gallery (Wall of Wonder) between 12:30-1:15 p.m. on April 2 to view the film  and smile for the annual school photo. Wear blue!

Fallin shared her thoughts on the Center with Salma Warshnana-Sparklin for the Spring 2015 issue of the Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine.

What should everyone know about autism?

Just how common it really is in the U.S.: 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Nearly all of us know someone directly or indirectly affected by autism.

What makes the center unique?

Our public health approach and focus on prevention. Most autism centers in the U.S. use a clinical approach and are more focused on treatment.

How has the center impacted autism research?

With CDC and NIH funding, we’ve helped build the largest epidemiologically based studies of autism in the country, and we’ve contributed to the official U.S. prevalence estimates and information on genetic and environmental risk factors.

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