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Get This Centennial Started!

The Bloomberg School welcomes students, faculty and staff to a celebratory year.                            


Students following a wide range of academic and career paths have arrived from 48 countries around the world to begin classes at the Bloomberg School. Their common pursuit: a stellar education in public health. A total of 877 students—including physicians and epidemiologists, teachers and social workers, chemists and dieticians, to name a few—will have the distinct privilege of taking part in the School’s Centennial year.

Over the next several months, the School will present a variety of celebratory events and programs to recognize 100 years of pioneering public health—from Baltimore to Bangalore—and look ahead to public health priorities for the next century.

Since its founding on June 13, 1916 as the first independent, degree-granting institution for research and training in public health, the School has advanced research, education and practice to create population-level solutions to public health problems around the world. 

“Our faculty, staff and alumni have been at the vanguard of public health efforts over the last 100 years, and I know that we will be for the next 100 as well,” says Dean Michael J. Klag, MD, MPH ’87. “This coming year, we’re looking forward to celebrating the past but, even more importantly, planning for the future.”

Heading into the next century, the School is working to prevent gun deaths, road traffic injuries, prescription drug abuse and obesity. While serving on the frontlines of efforts to assist West African nations recovering from the Ebola epidemic, our faculty, staff, students and alumni also are engaged on the local level, working with Baltimore communities to address health and social inequities.

The School is thrilled to have new and returning students, faculty and staff join us in celebrating our success and furthering our time-honored mission of Protecting Health, Saving Lives—Millions at a Time.

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