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Support for Students

Support for Students

Funding and financial aid expertise are available for students wanting to join our dynamic academic community.


It’s a concern that keeps many a student up at night: How to pay for a quality education? 

At the Bloomberg School, the financial aid and student affairs offices as well as individual academic departments are committed to helping prospective and admitted students pursue myriad opportunities to lighten the tuition burden.

It’s a mandate that comes from the top down.

“Our dean [Michael J. Klag] is very concerned about limiting student debt and one of his top fundraising priorities is increasing financial support for students,” says Michael Ward, MEd, associate dean for Student Affairs.

Nearly 70 percent of students receive financial aid, including $38.6 million in scholarships and $21.6 million in loans. The average aid package is $27,610.

The School’s financial aid office administers federal loan programs and private loans through lending institutions, and each of the 10 academic departments offers an array of scholarships, grants and training programs tailored to specific degree programs and research and career interests.

Our financial aid experts specialize in helping students tap into external funding sources such as foundations, associations and institutes.

Major institutional scholarships include the Sommer Scholars; and the C. Sylvia and Eddie C. Brown Community Health Scholarship Program that provides assistance to students committed to eliminating health disparities.

“We try to talk to people early and often about finding ways to finance their education,” says Ward. “It’s all about finding the best fit for you and your career.”

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