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Extra, Extra!

Leslie Vink and coworkers, Extra Extra!

Hot off the press, the Academic Prospectus 2015-2016 is a must read.


Prospective students eager to hold the academic riches of the Bloomberg School in their hands can thumb through the just-printed Academic Prospectus 2015-2016. As the main recruiting tool for Admissions, the 70-page booklet distills the offerings of the School and offers clear instruction about how to apply. 

“This is the only (print) publication designed for somebody who may not know much about Public Health or the School,” says Leslie K. Vink, Director of Recruitment, Communications and Events. 

A color-coded chart displays the range of degrees, from a Master of Public Health to a Doctor of Science. Vital details like application deadlines and program durations are simple to scan. Spotlight articles convey a personal touch, featuring current students assuring others that “I’m doing it, you can too!”

Best of all, prospective students are only an email or phone call away from real, live, human points-of-contact who know the ins and outs of all the various departments. 

“It’s like a very thick business card,” says Admissions spokesman Amy Galloway, alluding to the booklet’s heft and its evolution into a one-stop resource that’s clear, colorful and captivating.

Showing off the new Academic Prospectus, Extra Extra!About 7,500 copies will travel with Admissions reps to 60-plus recruiting events annually. Most students and professionals they meet request a helpful nudge in the right direction within the vast field that is Public Health.

“Everywhere we go, people want something in their hand to walk away with,” says Vink. “I love meeting people and hearing their stories, then giving them the tools to go even farther.”

This new Prospectus heralds the School’s much-anticipated Centennial. During the 2015-2016 academic year, faculty, staff, students and alumni will celebrate the past 100 years as well as future opportunities to continue promoting their collective mission of “protecting health, saving lives—millions at a time.”  

The booklet invites readers to join in by posing this provocative question: How will you make public health history?

—Salma Warshanna-Sparklin

Order a free copy of the Academic Prospectus or download the PDF.

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