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Have Fun, Hon!

Bloomberg School prof shows Baltimore is statistically more entertaining than most.


Have Fun, Hon!Students who want to improve their chances of having a good time in Baltimore have a new go-to guy: Biostats professor Brian Caffo recently posted a piece on the blog Simply Statistics where he serves up a whole lotta ways to amuse oneself in Charm City.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that he’s a former Floridian whose professional self is devoted to longitudinal associations, decision-theory approaches and likelihood-based population independent component analysis; it’s clear that this PhD is quite the authority on local places, events, traditions and, (in his words) “Baltimore stuff” that’ll land students in their happy place. 

Here’s an excerpt from Caffo’s blog, under the heading, What you eat: “You’re a Baltimoron now, so you drink Natty Boh, eat Utz Potato chips and Berger cookies. (Don’t question; this is what you do now.) In the summer, go get an egg cream snowball with marshmallow.  If you want high-end local beer, I like Heavy Seas and Union Craft.  If you’re a coffee drinker, you drink Zeke’s coffee now.”

Understandably enough, Things to do during the night is his weak link. (“I have little kids,” he admits. “How would I know?”) Even so, Caffo offers three paragraphs worth of suggestions topped by duckpin bowling at Patterson Park Lanes.

His personal-favorite-most-fun-Bawlmer-thing-to-do is (sorry Ravens, Preakness and Honfest) the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. Caffo says he can’t get enough of watching amphibious, human-powered works of art race across city streets and the harbor. Circle May 3 on your 2014 calendar so that you don’t miss out on that quirky fun, hon!

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