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March 29, 2013

Hopkins Team Wins 1st Place at Global Health Contest

A top-notch team made up of students from across Johns Hopkins University recently won first place in a global health case competition.


emoryteam.jpgEvery year, the Emory Global Health Institute invites university teams from around the world to compete against its own public health superstars to see who can come up with the best interdisciplinary approach to a complex global health challenge.

The 2013 International Emory Global Health Case Competition, which took place in March, brought together multidisciplinary teams from 24 different universities to look at how the Chinese government should invest in sanitation programs from 2020 to 2025. The question: Can global sanitation in 2020 contribute to China's prosperity?

The Hopkins team—with representatives from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the School of Nursing, the Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences—presented the winning proposal, earning them first place and the $6,000 prize. Richard Morrow, MD, MPH, a professor in the Bloomberg School's Department of International Health and a popular mentor for students, served as their coach.

"Our team—the first from JHU to compete in the competition—would not have been able to participate without the generous support of Tom Quinn, Dick Dunning and the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, who made it possible for us to enter the competition and fly down to Atlanta," said members of the Hopkins team in a joint statement. "Our success would also not have been possible without the advice and support of our coach, Dick Morrow, as well as the guidance of Professors Kellogg Schwab and Brian Schwartz."

The Hopkins Team

Aaron Chang, Whiting School of Engineering, Undergraduate Candidate in Biomedical Engineeringchang.jpg
Nidhi Khurana, Bloomberg School, Master of Science in Public Health Candidate, International Health, Health Systemskhurana.jpg
Matthew Lindsley, School of Nursing and Bloomberg School; Combined Master of Public Health and Master of Science in Nursing Candidate, Environmental Health Scienceslindsley.jpg
Stephanie Van Dyke, Bloomberg School, Master of Public Health Candidatevandyke.jpg
Kevin Wang, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Candidate in Public Health Studieswang.jpg
Collin Weinberger, Bloomberg School, Master of Public Health Candidateweinberger.jpg

To learn more about the members of the team, please visit the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health website.

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