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Global Health Scholarships:
2008 Winners

Shegufta Shefa Sikder
Master of Health Sciences candidate

Curriculum Vitae

Home country: United States

Focus at Hopkins: International health with a focus on maternal health in developing countries

Goal: To tackle the problems of maternal mortality and nutritional deficiencies among disadvantaged populations in Bangladesh.

By participating as a Carolina Scholar during her time at the University of North Carolina, Shegufta Sikder became interested in maternal health and infectious diseases, leading her to collaborate on the creation of the Millennium Village Project. This project was the first student movement to partner with a Millennium Village in Africa. As a co-coordinator for the project, she helped to lead a student movement that raised $1.5 million for a Millennium Village, as well as coordinated on-campus activities to increase awareness of the work being done in developing countries. Having been exposed to extreme poverty first hand during her time in Bangladesh, Shegufta understands that “health is one of the most persistent causes and problems of poverty.” She anticipates her time at Hopkins and knows it will strength and guide her for her future work enacting public health interventions to improve maternal health in Bangladesh.

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