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Global Health Scholarships:
2008 Winners

Olga Helena Joos
Master of Public Health candidate

Curriculum Vitae

Home Country: United States

Focus at Hopkins: Health system metrics in developing countries

Goals: To make the health systems work well for both patient and provider; to develop flexible health information systems with solid foundations to standardize efficient and effective care and facilitate data collection for public health monitoring and evaluation.

Olga Joos’s two stints as a Peace Corps volunteer, with the Peace Corps and with Peace Corps Response, have defined her career goals by introducing her to the reality of poverty and the impact of poor public health and education systems in developing countries. In Togo, she designed and implemented a medical recording system based on WHO standards for the comprehensive care for HIV patients and trained staff on the importance of accurate record-keeping. In Mali, she organized and implemented a variety of health education activities to benefit patients living with HIV. As a registered nurse in the United States, Olga has also seen the value of excellent bedside care, and she is excited to further her understanding of health system metrics while at Hopkins to better serve the populations of developing countries.

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