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Global Health Scholarships:
2008 Winners

Jennifer Cohn
Master of Public Health candidate

Curriculum Vitae

Home country: United States

Focus at Hopkins: International Health

Goal: To work at a clinician and teacher, as well as become an activist and advocate working to create policies addressing the fundamental causes of disease.

Over the past several years, Jennifer Cohn has becoming increasingly interested in how human resources for health and health systems are affected by and affect global AIDS. “There are many unanswered and important questions such as how do vertical, disease-specific programs affect public health systems?” Jennifer explains. “How does a country define its ideal health worker mix? Can public-private partnerships be used in sustainable ways to provide human resources management services?” She has already begun exploring these issues with her work with HIV/AIDS patients in Uganda, where she conducted interviews to analyze the patients’ health care needs for the WHO. She plans to use the skills she develops at Hopkins to advocate for and enact rational and beneficial policy change related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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