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Global Health Scholarships:
2008 Winners

Jenna Rose
Master of Health Sciences candidate

Curriculum Vitae

Home Country: United States

Focus at Hopkins: International Health, Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

Goal: To directly impact health care delivery and policy in sub-Saharan Africa through epidemiologic research on common health conditions

Jenna Rose originally became interested in international development while studying ecology and conservation during a study abroad program in Madagascar. She has a passion for environmental issues (and is a co-founder of a website that provides tips on green living), but she also believes that quality health care is a basic human right and a pre-condition for development and conservation. She argued in her Summa Cum Laude-winning senior thesis that persons displaced by conservation practices should be granted the same international protection afforded political refugees. Having spent the past six months working in Liberia with the Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS initiative, Jenna is inspired by the staff at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in that country. “The team is working tirelessly to provide quality health care for their citizens despite obstacles such as degraded infrastructure, lack of human resources, and insufficient funding,” said Jenna. 

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