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Global Health Scholarships:
2008 Winners

Gifty Kwakye
Master of Public Health candidate

Curriculum Vitae

Home Country: Ghana

Focus at Hopkins: Customized study in international health with a focus on preventative health, management and equipping of small-scale community clinics, women and reproductive health, and increasing health care access to disabled people.

Goal: To become the Minister of Health or Women’s Affairs in Ghana, working to equip doctors, teachers, religious leaders and policy makers with information on how best to use their offices to provide education, conduct research, obtain data, and create reforms that reach out to all individuals, including the disabled.

With her third year of Yale medical school behind her, Gifty Kwakye is hard at work on her goal to become a surgeon or gynecologist. During her upcoming residency years, she hopes to start a community clinic in a suburb of Accra, Ghana with a focus on preventative health, education, and providing social resources for members of the community. A proponent of prevention as opposed to cures, especially in developing countries, Gifty hopes to one day be in a position to set Ghana’s national agenda to increase women’s health care, education, prevention, and the rights of the disabled. “Health interventions target whole societies, reducing disease burdens by preventing onset and spread, and are often at a lesser cost than would have been incurred if people contracted the disease,” Gifty explains.

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