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Africa Study Tour

January 1-13, 2007

Name: Yong Chen
Degree Program: PhD Candidate
Home Country: China
As a research assistant at the Space Telescope Science Institute at Johns Hopkins in 2004, Yong Chen measured the density of dust around the stars. Now, he wants to use his mathematical prowess to solve practical problems on Earth. Chen hopes to develop new and better statistical methods that will help epidemiologists measure the association between risk factors and disease.

Name: Jennifer Gray
Degree Program: Master of Public Health
Home: United States
In law school, Jennifer Gray studied the intersection of health care and law, the communication gap between physicians and minority patients and how this gap contributes to disparities in health services. Gray wants to improve the health care system—and access to it—through better policy and management.

Name: Lynn Huynh
Degree Program: Master of Public Health
Home Country: United States
Lynn Huynh’s goal is to conduct research focused on improving access to health care and education for vulnerable populations, particularly in Southeast Asia. With friends, Huynh founded VietHope, a nonprofit organization that awards scholarships and funds educational projects for poor children in rural Vietnam. It exemplifies her belief that education and good health go hand in hand.

Name: Tong Jen Lo
Degree Program: Master of Public Health
Home Country: Singapore
The 2003 outbreak of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) put Tong Jen Lo on the front lines of public health. As a medical officer at Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore, where he had trained as a clinician, he was soon working closely with infectious disease experts investigating the outbreak. Lo came to the Bloomberg School eager to develop a foundation in public health in preparation for a leadership role in Singapore’s health system.