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Engage Baltimore

Engage Baltimore

jhsph town hall

The Bloomberg School—part of East Baltimore for almost a century—embraces both the opportunity and obligation to help promote the healing of our neighborhood and our city.

Public health has the tools and the focus to understand the underlying causes of violence and to develop transformative solutions.

We will be engaged, and we will stay engaged. In collaboration with our community, our partners across Johns Hopkins and the city, we will pursue health and justice with humanity and humility.

– Dean Michael J. Klag

Engage Baltimore:
A Day of Reflection and Progress

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is hosting a day of reflection and progress for public health in Baltimore.

The event will involve active listening with respect and humility to voices from the greater Baltimore community, and serve as an opportunity for students, staff and faculty to engage in action-oriented discussions about their roles in facilitating change.

The discussions will focus on

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