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2012 News Releases


12/20/12 Physicians Admit Feeling Under Qualified and Lacking Necessary Education to Treat Obesity

12/20/12 Bloomberg School Receives $28 Million for Family Planning Advocacy

12/18/12 Johns Hopkins Providing More Free Online Public Health Education Than Ever

12/13/12 Time Restrictions on TV Advertisements Ineffective in Reducing Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads

12/11/12 Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Denounces Nutrient Trading for Bay

12/06/12 Johns Hopkins Study Reveals What Makes Nonprofits Special

12/04/12 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Receives Funding for Gut Function Biomarker Research

12/03/12 Caroline Moreau Named to William G. Robertson Jr. Professorship in Population and Family Planning

12/03/12 Overprescribing of Opioids Impacts Patient Safety and Public Health


11/29/12 HIV Conference to Explore New Prevention Strategies for Men Who Have Sex with Men

11/29/12 Karen Davis Named to Lead Lipitz Center at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

11/29/12 Klag Honored for Contributions in Preventive Medicine

11/28/12 Josef Coresh Named Inaugural Recipient of George Comstock Professorship

11/26/12 Communication Between Patients, Families and Care Providers Key to Outcome of Patient Experience

11/20/12 Rate of Suicide by Hanging/Suffocation Doubles in Middle-Aged Men and Women

11/12/12 Housing Quality Associated with Children’s Burn Injury Risk 

11/12/12 JHSPH Faculty Awarded Gates Grand Challenges Grants

11/01/12 CEIBS and Bloomberg School to Offer MBA/MPH Coordinated Program


10/30/12 Chronic Kidney Disease Increases Risk of Death at All Ages

10/26/12 Johns Hopkins Free Online Public Health Content Reaches Milestone

10/25/12 Restricting High-Risk Individuals from Owning Guns Saves Lives

10/24/12 Johns Hopkins Launches Center to Improve Drug Safety and Effectiveness

10/24/12 David Dowdy Named Recipient of B. Frank and Kathleen Polk Associate Professorship

10/24/12 Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice Center Selected for AHRQ Program

10/18/12 No Antibodies, No Problem

10/15/12 School-Wide Interventions Improve Student Behavior

10/11/12 Johns Hopkins Establishes Center to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

10/11/12 Non-Certified Providers Sought for Treatment of Fatal Non-Communicable Diseases in Bangladesh

10/10/12 Living near Livestock May Increase Risk of Acquiring MRSA

10/10/12 Wietse Tol Recipient of Ali and Rose Kawi Professorship in Mental Health

10/09/12 Safety Pioneer Joan Claybrook Receives 2012 Community Hero Award

10/05/12 Johns Hopkins Launches Aquaponics Project

10/05/12 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Awards Dean’s Medal to William Foege

10/04/12 Johns Hopkins Awarded $108M Health Communication Grant

10/01/12 Study Analyzes Half-Century of Oyster Poaching Enforcement in Maryland


09/27/12 African-American Youth Exposed to More Magazine and Television Alcohol Advertising than Youth in General

09/26/12 Bloomberg School Project to Advance White House Fight Against Human Trafficking

09/25/12 Chronic Kidney Disease a Warning Sign Independent of Hypertension or Diabetes

09/25/12 Incorporating Safety Into Urban and Building Design: An Important Opportunity for Active Living and Injury Prevention

09/21/12 Undertreatment of Common Heart Condition Persists Despite Rapid Adoption of Novel Therapies

09/19/12 Child Mortality Declines in Niger

09/17/12 Community Health Assessment Survey of 20015 and 20016 Zip Codes Launched

09/13/12 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Honors Stephen Teret

09/13/12 Proven Strategies Reduce Deadly Hospital-Acquired Infections

09/05/12 New Method Developed to Study Elusive Precursors for Testosterone-Producing Leydig Cells

09/05/12 Bloomberg School Receives Grant to Support Trauma and Injury Research in Uganda

09/03/12 HIV Treatment Use Increases in the U.S.


08/31/12 Study Looks at Efforts to Improve Local Food Systems Through Policy

08/27/12 Study Explores Injury Risk in Military Humvee Crashes

08/14/12 Bloomberg School Receives Grant to Study Violence Against Healthcare Workers

08/13/12 Bloomberg School Professor to Lead Census Research Division

08/09/12 Bloomberg School and Krieger School to Establish Teaching Fellowship (web article)

08/08/12 Alcohol Advertising Standards Violations Most Common in Magazines with Youthful Audiences

08/07/12 Insurance Status May Explain Racial Disparity for Heart Deaths

08/01/12 Are Americans Ready to Solve the Weight of the Nation?


07/30/12 Public Health Dean Expresses Disappointment with USDA’s Step Back from Meatless Monday

07/24/12 New Findings From South Africa Survey Show Great Progress: Nearly One Million Adults Each Month Are Tested for HIV

07/19/12 A Good Night’s Sleep Could Keep You Out of a Nursing Home

07/18/12 Stronger Ozone Standards Could Save Lives and Reduce Illness

07/18/12 CDC Honors Bloomberg School Injury Prevention Leaders

07/17/12 JHU and Coursera to Offer Free Online Classes

07/16/12 Genetically Engineered Bacteria Prevent Mosquitoes from Transmitting Malaria

07/11/12 New Information Technology Center Established to Benefit Population Health

07/11/12 Johns Hopkins Global Center on Childhood Obesity Seeking Research Proposals

07/10/12 Contraceptive Use Averts 272,000 Maternal Deaths Worldwide

07/09/12 Lax Gun Ownership Laws Could Impact Ability of High-Risk Individuals to Purchase Firearms


06/27/12 Racial Make-Up of Community Impacts Obesity Risk

06/25/12 Bloomberg School to Offer MPH Degree Program in India

06/14/12 Researchers Outline Plan to End Preventable Child Deaths in a Generation

06/07/12 Immune System “Circuitry” That Kills Malaria in Mosquitoes Identified

06/07/12 New Data Suggests HIV Superinfection Rate Comparable to Initial HIV Infection

06/04/12 Researchers Recommend Steps to Improve Implementation of Global Road Safety


05/30/12 Bob Martin Joins CLF

05/30/12 Bloomberg School Graduate Receives Fulbright Grant

05/30/12 Patient Mental Health Overlooked by Physician When a Family Member is Present

05/29/12 After 25 Years, World No Tobacco Day Is Making an Impact

05/28/12 Analyzing Disease Transmission at the Community Level

05/28/12 Targeting Tuberculosis “Hotspots” Could Have Widespread Benefit

05/22/12 Injury Center Contributes to State-By-State Injury Prevention Policy Report

05/15/12 Reported Increase in Older Adult Fall Deaths Due to Improved Coding

05/11/12 Pneumonia and Preterm Birth Complications Are the Leading Causes of Childhood Death

05/09/12 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for Groundbreaking Research in Global Health and Development

05/08/12 A Better Method for Diagnosing Kidney Disease

05/08/12 Actor Sam Waterson Receives Goodermote Humanitarian Award

05/07/12 Alcohol Regulation on the Internet Failing to Protect Youth

05/04/12 Johns Hopkins Establishes New Center for AIDS Research

05/02/12 15 Million Babies Born Too Soon

05/01/12 Majority of States Fail to Address Youth Exposure to Alcohol Marketing


04/30/12 Brown Receives Andrology’s Distinguished Service Award

04/30/12 Eric Bass to Lead Society of General Internal Medicine

04/25/12 One in Three Households Misreports Smoke Alarm Coverage

04/20/12 International Conference to Explore Health of Descendants of Transatlantic Slave Trade

04/20/12 Three Bloomberg Graduates Named to Society of Scholars

04/17/12 Special Journal Issue Highlights New IIRU Research on Global Road Safety

04/17/12 Many Employee Assistance Programs Lack a Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Intimate Partner Violence

04/17/12 Sunlight Plus Lime Juice Makes Drinking Water Safer

04/12/12 Joanna Cohen Appointed to Bloomberg Professorship in Disease Prevention

04/11/12 Bloomberg School TV Series Wins Peabody Award

04/10/12 Online Tool Estimates Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads on Radio

04/05/12 Researchers Find Evidence of Banned Antibiotics in Poultry Products

04/02/12 David Roth Heads Hopkins Center on Aging and Health


03/30/12 CDC Releases New Report on Autism Prevalence in U.S.

03/29/12 Dengue Virus Turns On Mosquito Genes That Make Them Hungrier

03/22/12 Bloomberg School to Receive Additional Funds to Fight Global Tobacco Use

03/22/12 Xiaobin Wang Installed as the Zanvyl Krieger Professor in Children’s Health

03/20/12 National Children’s Study to Celebrate Children’s Health Day in Rockville

03/15/12 In Developing Countries, Female Sex Workers 14 Times More Likely to Become Infected by HIV

03/13/12 CDC Official Commends Injury Center on its Anniversary

03/12/12 Roger Lipitz Honored for Service to Health Advisory Board

03/09/12 First Guidelines Issued for Getting People Newly Diagnosed with HIV Disease Into Care and Keeping Them on Treatment

03/09/12 Will Allen: Growing Power and the Future of Food


02/27/12 New Online Course Content Explores FDA Regulatory Process

02/24/12 American Academy of Health Behavior Honors Bloomberg School Faculty

02/20/12 Do the Numbers Add Up? Questions about an Afghan Health Study

02/17/12 Public Health Experts to Hold International Conference on Black Health in the Western Hemisphere

02/17/12 Childhood Obesity Center Seeking Research Proposals

02/15/12 Preparedness Study Receives Peer Recognition

02/10/12 Research Finds Injuries to Professional Athletes from Routine Play or Practice Often Reported as "Freak Accidents" in Media

02/0912 Four Students Selected for Public Health Policy Awards

02/09/12 Utilizing Risk-Adjustment Strategies to Navigate an Equitable Road Toward Health Care Reform

02/08/12 Chlorhexidine Umbilical Cord Care Can Save Newborn Lives

02/06/12 “Test and Treat” Model Offers New Strategy for Eliminating Malaria

02/03/12 New Book Examines Trends and Takeaways in Injury Research

02/02/12 Elevated Glucose Associated with Undetected Heart Damage

02/02/12 Dean Klag Volunteers with United Way


01/30/12 More Efforts Needed to Address Motor Vehicle Deaths Among American Indians and Alaska Natives

01/26/12 Protein Discovery Could Lead to New HIV Drugs

01/26/12 Physician’s Weight May Influence Obesity Diagnosis and Care

01/24/12 Discover Magazine Ranks Hopkins Malaria Research in Top 100 Stories of 2011

01/24/12 Acid Reflux Drug Does Not Improve Asthma in Children

01/23/12 Going to Physician Visits with Older Loved Ones Could Improve Care

01/23/12 Researchers Bet on Food Prices over the Next Decade

01/23/12 Study Explores Autism Co-Occurring Conditions and Diagnosis Change

01/23/12 Non-Certified Providers Provide Initial Care for Pregnancy-Related Complications in Rural Bangladesh

01/20/12 Many Strategies to Increase Physical Activity for Kids Lack Injury Prevention Measures

01/20/12 Morlock Named Associate Dean for Education

01/20/12 Reality Show Reduces Stigma around Family Planning in India

01/19/12 U.N. Urged to Hold Special Session on Mental Health

01/19/12 Nonprofits Show Job Growth through Decade of Turmoil but Still Lose Market Share

01/19/12 Beyrer Receives Honorary Doctorate from Chiang Mai University

01/18/12 Faculty Develop Measures for Health Care Coordination Using Electronic Health Records

01/16/12 Fewer Children Require Hospitalization Following Drowning-Related Incidents

01/12/12 Heath Elliott to Lead Bloomberg School Development Team

01/11/12 Safe Streets Baltimore Program Reduced Gun Violence in Targeted Neighborhoods

01/09/12 Study Finds Federal Amendments Increased Gun Sales Diverted to Criminals

01/03/12 Autism Speaks Awards Grants to Bloomberg School Faculty