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2011 News Releases


12/23/11 Preventing Sexual Child Abuse

12/22/11 Science Names HIV Study "Breakthrough of the Year"

12/22/11 Scientists Engineer Mosquito Immune System to Block Malaria

12/22/11 Marsha Wills-Karp to Chair Department of Environmental Health Sciences

12/21/11 Barry Zirkin Elected as AAAS Fellow

12/19/11 Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth Charts Alcohol Industry’s Digital Marketing

12/15/11 Teens Choose Water When Calorie Count of Sugary Beverages is Easier to Understand

12/15/11 Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health Receives Diabetes Grant

12/13/11 Online Public Health Informantics Course for Professionals Now Taking Applications

12/13/11 Opioid Abuse Linked to Mood and Anxiety Disorders

12/13/11 Nonprofits Add Jobs in Maryland Despite Economic Downturn

12/08/11 Bloomberg School to Join Evaluation of New Malaria Vaccine

12/08/11 Fifth Annual George W. Comstock Lecture in TB Research: “What TB Can Teach Us"

12/06/11 International Health Department to Track Child Health Interventions in Africa in Real Time

12/04/11 Bloomberg Faculty Honored for mHealth Innovation


11/18/11 Free Guided Care Training and Tools Available for Accountable Care Organizations Seeking to be Part of Medicare Shared Savings Program

11/18/11 The Forever War: Malaria versus The World

11/18/11 Thanksgiving Parade to Feature National Children’s Study Float and Donation

11/17/11 Web App Helps Visualize Farm Bill Spending

11/15/11 Contrasting Patterns of Malaria Drug Resistance Found Between Humans and Mosquitoes

11/14/11 Depressive Symptoms Linked to Mobility Limitations in Older African Americans

11/10/11 Johns Hopkins Global Center for Childhood Obesity Established

11/09/11 Online Game Aims to Improve Scientific Peer Review Accuracy

11/09/11 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Receives Grand Challenges Explorations Funding

11/09/11 Testing of Seafood Imported into the U.S. Is Inadequate

11/02/11 Berman Institute Faculty Member Len Rubenstein Honored with Peace Award (web article)


10/26/11 Researchers Develop Method to Better Estimate Vaccine Coverage

10/18/11 Fatal Crashes in the U.S.: Fewer Canadian Drivers Under The Influence

10/17/11 Researchers Discover Why Steroid Treatment for COPD Is Ineffective

10/12/11 Freya Sonenstein Wins Researcher of the Year Award

10/07/11 Action Guide for Reducing Alcohol Outlet Density

10/06/11 Place, Not Race, May Be a Larger Determinant of Health Disparities

10/05/11 Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award Winner Announced


09/28/11 Faculty Recognized for Teaching Excellence

09/28/11 Bloomberg Faculty Receive Presidential Early Career Awards

09/27/11 Dr. Richard Besser Awarded Dean's Medal

09/26/11 Bill and Melinda Gates Receive Global Health Leadership Award

09/23/11 Reports of Mental Health Disability Increase in U.S.

09/21/11 Increased Responsibility Could Lead to Decreased Sexual Activity Among Women

09/19/11 Sommer to Receive Laureate Recognition Award (web article)

09/14/11 2011 Baltimore One-Day Homeless Youth Count Tops 640

09/13/11 Alcohol Ads Still Reaching Youth on the Radio

09/12/11 Oil and Gas Operations in the Gulf of Mexico Claim 139 Lives in Helicopter Crashes over 26-year Period  


08/18/11 Joshua Else Joins Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as Associate Dean for External Affairs

08/16/11 Largest Global Childhood Pneumonia Etiology Study Launched

08/15/11 The Nag Factor: How do very young children get their parents to buy foods and beverages of low nutritional value?

08/11/11 Researchers Decode Workings of Mysterious, but Critical TB Drug

08/10/11 Blood Tests for Active TB Not Accurate or Cost-Effective

08/04/11 Prescriptions for Antidepressants Increasing among Individuals with no Psychiatric Diagnosis


07/26/11 National Children’s Study Underway in Montgomery County, and Across the U.S.

07/13/11 Quinn Receives Thomas Parran Award (web article)

07/08/11 JHSPH Students Named Fulbright Scholars (web article)


06/20/11 News Source May Steer Perceived Solution to Childhood Obesity

06/13/11 Barbara Starfield, Championed Importance of Primary Care

06/09/11 Vaccine Expansion in 72 of the World’s Poorest Countries Could Avert 6.4 Million Deaths

06/08/11 Brad Herring Appointed to MHIP Board of Directors (web article)

06/03/11 Study Links Empathy, Self-Esteem, and Autonomy with Increased Sexual Enjoyment


05/19/11 Wolbachia Bacteria Reduce Parasite Levels and Kill the Mosquito that Spreads Malaria

05/18/11 Mobile Grocery Truck Offers Healthy Foods

05/16/11 Graduation Contamination

05/12/11 Bacterium Found to Kill Malaria in Mosquitoes

05/12/11 Immediate Antiretroviral Therapy Greatly Reduces HIV Transmission

05/09/11 Risk Adjustment Software to Support Health Care Reform

05/03/11 Climate Change Analysis Predicts Increased Fatalities from Heat Waves


04/29/11 Kawi Mental Health Professorship and Scholarship Endowed

04/22/11 World Malaria Day 2011

04/20/11 Researchers to Study Aging Population to Improve Quality of Life among Elderly

04/13/11 Experimental Treatment for COPD in Development

04/13/11 Bloomberg School Awards Goodermote Humanitarian Award to Dikembe Mutombo

04/13/11 Stillbirth Data Analysis Added to Lives Saved Tool

04/12/11 A Century of Public Health Service

04/08/11 Indo-U.S. Center Established to Study Nonsmoking-Related Causes of COPD

04/07/11 Haiti: Lessons Being Learned

04/04/11 National Public Health Week Calls Attention to Injury Prevention


03/28/11 JHU Recognizes Outstanding Bloomberg School Alumni

03/23/11 Bloomberg School Deans Attend Leadership Workshop in China

03/23/11 Dr. Robert Black Receives Canada Gairdner Global Health Award

03/21/11 National Children’s Study to Celebrate Kickoff

03/18/11 For Smokers, Internet both Promotes and Undermines Smoking Cessation

03/18/11 Cheskin Receives Grant As Part of Mobilizing for Health Initiative

03/16/11 Q&A: Japan Nuclear Crisis

03/15/11 Bloomberg School of Public Health Ranked No. 1

03/15/11 Message from Dean Klag Regarding Japan Earthquake

03/10/11 Johns Hopkins and Uganda’s Makerere University Complete Unique Collaborative Learning Initiative

03/09/11 Gene Variant Influences Chronic Kidney Disease Risk

03/09/11 Lipitz Center Providing Free Assistance to Help Medical Practices Improve Care for Chronically Ill Patients

03/02/11 Deadline for Public Health Informatics Certificate Training Program Extended (web article)


02/24/11 Remembering Alison Geyh

02/21/11 Zirkin to receive the Distinguished Andrologist Award (web article)

02/17/11 Holtgrave Receives Positive Leadership Award

02/08/11 The Aftermath of the Gulf Oil Spill

02/02/11 Teaching Excellence


01/31/11 Researchers Test Inhalable Measles Vaccine

01/28/11 Johns Hopkins Epidemiologist Named to Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Committee

01/28/11 Living Near Busy Roadways Ups Chances of Allergic Asthma

01/18/11 Chris Beyrer Named to PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board

01/13/11 Race Plays Role in Weight-Related Counseling among Obese Patients

01/12/11 Five Johns Hopkins Researchers Named AAAS Fellows

01/04/11 Health Insurance Does Not Discourage Compliance with Diabetes Prevention

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