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2010 News Releases


12/27/10 Moyses Szklo Awarded Physician’s Merit Medal

12/21/10 Prenatal Micronutrient Supplementation Boosts Children’s Cognition in Nepal

12/16/10 Center for Injury Research and Policy Works with FOX45 on Carbon Monoxide Education

12/16/10 Risk Factors for Injury and Death from a Tornado in Rural Bangladesh

12/15/10 Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads on TV Growing Faster Than Adults

12/14/10 Chad Boult Named Senior Adviser to New Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

12/08/10 Parents' Influence On Children’s Eating Habits is Limited

12/08/10 Youth Report Favorable Impressions of Community Street Outreach Workers

12/06/10 Public Health Informatics Certificate Training Program Offered

12/06/10 Eric P. Schwartz, Assistant Secretary of State, Addresses Rebuilding of Failed States

12/01/10 Super-sized World: Scientific Conference December 9


11/22/10 Tips for "Greening" Your Holiday Season

11/17/10 David Holtgrave Named to List of 100 Top AIDS Fighters (web article)

11/12/10 Robert E. Black to Receive Prince Mahidol Award (web article)

11/09/10 Catherine Bradshaw Recognized with Presidential Early-Career Scientist Award

11/09/10 Daniel Scharfstein Receives Distinguished Alum Award

11/08/10 Study Examines Risk of Heterosexual HIV Transmission in China

11/03/10 NY Times Journalist and Pulitzer Prize Winner Matt Richtel Discusses Distracted Driving

11/02/10 Geriatrician Advocates for Improvements to Primary Care to Meet the Needs of Older Adults

11/01/10 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health International Injury Research Unit Named WHO Collaborating Center


10/26/10 Alfred Sommer Awarded Thomas Francis Jr. Medal in Global Public Health

10/19/10 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Receives High School Safety Grant

10/19/10 John Groopman Recognized for Seminal Cancer Prevention Research

10/12/10 Pediatric Hospitalizations for ATV-Related Injuries More than Double

10/07/10 JHSPH Awarded Additional $38M to Expand Orthopedic Trauma Care Research

10/07/10 Dr. Larry Appel to Lead Welch Center

10/06/10 JHSPH Researchers Create Training Guide to Protect Study Participants


09/27/10 Computer Model Shows U.S. Vulnerable to MDR-TB Epidemic

09/24/10 JHSPH Faculty Receives 2 of 4 ASPH/Pfizer Awards (web article)

09/14/10 Center for Injury Research and Policy Honors the Rebuild Program at Inova Fairfax Hospital

09/13/10 Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Awards Predoctoral Fellowships for 2010-2011

09/13/10 A Woman’s Journey: A Day of Health and Wellness Education for Women (web article)

09/08/10 Cloud Computing Method Greatly Increases Gene Analysis

09/01/10 Revaccination Could Benefit HIV-Infected Children


08/20/10 Street Outreach Workers an Important Tool for Violence Prevention and Intervention

08/18/10 Overweight American Children and Adolescents Becoming Fatter

08/17/10 Kung-Yee Liang Recipient of 2010 Rema Lapouse Award

08/17/10 Trauma Center Care Cost-Effective

08/12/10 Researchers Begin Human Trials of New Dengue Vaccine

08/10/10 Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads in Magazines Declining

08/05/10 Falls the Leading Cause of Injury among Older Adults in China

08/03/10 Mobile Obstetrics Project Improves Health of Mothers in Eastern Burma


07/28/10 Baltimore City Health Commissioner Named—Dean Klag Leads Search Committee (web article)

07/20/10 Guided Care Improves Physician Satisfaction with Patient/Family Communications and Knowledge of Patient Conditions

07/15/10 JHSPH Remembers Stephen Okiria : 1967-2010

07/15/10 Breakthrough for Child Survival in the Poorest Countries and America’s Cities

07/06/10 JHSPH Students Named Fulbright Scholars (web article)

07/02/10 Researchers Urge Wider Use of Diarrheal Disease Control Measures


06/30/10 Kilimani Sesame Has Positive Impact on Children in Tanzania

06/30/10 Bloomberg School Celebrates the Career of Dr. Bernard Guyer

06/23/10 Implementing Existing Interventions Could Save Lives in Sub-Saharan Africa

06/17/10 Study Examines Pro-Anorexia and Pro-Bulimia Websites

06/11/10 Directly Observed HIV Treatment by Patient-Nominated Treatment Supporter Improves Survival

06/09/10 JHSPH Faculty Tackles Immune System Differences between the Sexes

06/04/10 Bloomberg School of Public Health Receives CDC Autism Grant

06/03/10 14th Native Vision Camp to Be Held in Santa Fe

06/02/10 JHSPH Researchers Contribute to `World No Tobacco Day´ Reports (web article)


05/20/10 MacKenzie Named Diversity Recognition Award Recipient (web article)

05/18/10 Baker Named 2010 Recipient of the Harry G. Moseley Award (web article)

05/18/10 Kidney Function and Damage Markers Predict Mortality Risk

05/12/10 Researchers Discover Additional Benefit of Vitamin A

05/12/10 Infectious Diseases Caused Two-Thirds of the Nearly 9 Million Child Deaths Globally in 2008

05/12/10 Response to Vaccines Could Depend on Your Sex

05/11/10 Bloomberg School of Public Health Receives $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for Innovative Global Health Research

05/07/10 Hardship and Human Rights Violations Continue among Burma Cyclone Survivors

05/06/10 Social Context May Be a Better Indicator of Obesity Disparities than Race

05/05/10 Klein Awarded for Scientific Contributions to Women’s Health

05/04/10 Experts Call for Changes to Medical Education Policy to Prepare for Aging America

05/03/10 Novel Genes Associated with Risk for Oral Cleft Malformation Identified

05/03/10 Antibiotic Use and Environmental Exposure Are Key Factors Affecting Antibiotic Resistant E. Coli Carriage in Children in Peru


04/29/10 Carolyn Fowler Receives National Honor

04/12/10 International Research Team Discovers Novel Genes Influencing Kidney Disease Risk

04/12/10 Coresh Receives Multiple Honors (web article)

04/07/10 Myths about Teens Busted in New Guide for Parents

04/07/10 Bloomberg School of Public Health Awarded LEED® Gold for Green Building Project

04/05/10 Fatal Injuries Increase in Older Americans

04/01/10 Stacey DiLorenzo Joins the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as Senior Director of Communications

04/01/10 Three New Graduate Degree Programs Offered


03/30/10 Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing—Europe Established

03/29/10 Business Affiliation Could Increase Potential Risk of Farm-to-Farm Transmission of Avian Influenza

03/29/10 Investing Wisely in Child Survival with the Lives Saved Tool (LiST)

03/29/10 Laurie Schwab Zabin, a Health Care Hero (web article)

03/22/10 Analysis Provides Snapshot of Health Care Access Program (web article)

03/18/10 Bloomberg School of Public Health Awarded $15 Million for Laboratory Renovation and Modernization

03/16/10 Keeping Up with the Neighbors Speeds Vaccine Use

03/15/10 JHSPH Students Take Second Place in Annual Case Competition (web article)

03/08/10 Researchers Develop New Methods for Imputing Data for Geographic Analysis

03/04/10 Hemoglobin A1c Outperforms Fasting Glucose for Risk Prediction

03/03/10 Tobacco Control Training Course Now Available in all 6 U.N. Languages

03/03/10 How Community-Based Organizations and Nongovernmental Organizations Can Transform Global Public Health

03/02/10 Mosquitoes—Not Birds—May Have Carried West Nile Virus Across U.S.

03/01/10 Diane Griffin Named to National Academy of Sciences Governing Council

03/01/10 JHSPH Renews Support for OpenCourseWare


02/22/10 Deans Past and Present on Public Health's Future (web article)

02/17/10 Majority of Marylanders Without Advance Medical Directives

02/08/10 Carl E. Taylor 1916-2010

02/04/10 David Holtgrave Appointed to Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS


01/28/10 Updates from Haiti (web journal)

01/27/10 Rotavirus Vaccine—A Powerful Tool to Combat Deaths from Diarrhea

01/27/10 Lipitz Center for Integrated Health Care is a Finalist for BMJ Award for its Work on Guided Care

01/22/10 Haiti: From Chronic Despair to Catastrophe (web article)

01/21/10 Dispatch from Port-au-Prince (web article)

01/20/10 Dr. Robert Black to Receive 2010 Programme for Global Paediatric Research Award

01/20/10 Evaluating Mental Health Needs and Treatment After a Disaster

01/19/10 Program Uses Art to Engage At-Risk Kids and Identify Needs

01/19/10 Guided Care Participants Rate Quality of Health Care High

01/15/10 First Steps Taken Toward the Development of a Malaria Transmission-Blocking Vaccine

01/12/10 Significant Urban-Rural Disparities in Injury Mortality Seen in China

01/12/10 Independent Public Health Evaluations Could Save Lives

01/06/10 High Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Associated with Lower Health Care Costs

01/04/10 U.S. Doctors Prescribing More Psychiatric Medications