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2008 News Releases


12/30/08 Q&A: Peak Oil and Public Health (web article) 

12/29/08 Q&A: The Truth about Health Disparities (web article)

12/23/08 Maternal Health Problems in Burma Widespread

12/22/08 Nrf2 Could Be Novel Target for COPD Prevention Therapies

12/22/08 Hopkins-led Article Finalist for "Paper of the Year" (web article)

12/17/08 Holiday Safety Health Fair Teaches Baltimore Families Importance of Injury Prevention during the Holidays

12/12/09 Report Prompts Discussion about the Leading Cause of Death in Children—Unintentional Injuries (web article)

12/11/09 Sweetened Beverage Consumption Increases in the U.S.

12/11/09 Bandeen-Roche Named Frank Hurley and Catharine Dorrier Professor and Chair of the Department of Biostatistics 

12/10/09 Overweight Children at Increased Risk of Arm and Leg Injuries in a Motor Vehicle Crash

12/09/08 HIV Transmission Rate Declines in U.S.

12/04/08 W. Harry Feinstone, 1913-2008

12/04/08 New Web Site Connects Agriculture and Public Health

12/01/08 HIV/AIDS: Wake Up, America (web article)

12/01/08 Johns Hopkins and Uganda’s Makerere University to Collaborate on African Health Education Initiative


11/24/08 Transporting Broiler Chickens Could Spread Antibiotic-Resistant Organisms

11/18/08 Bloomberg School Awards Goodermote Humanitarian Award to Soledad O’Brien

11/16/08 A Tribute to Frank Polk (web article)

11/10/08 Manual Offers Guidelines for Care of Children in Humanitarian Emergencies (web article)

11/03/08 Grandparents a Safe Source of Childcare

11/03/08 USAID Awards HIV Prevention Research Contract


10/27/08 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to Lead Nationwide Aging Study

10/21/08 U.S. Suicide Rate Increases

10/20/08 Hypertension Disparity Linked to Environment

10/13/08 Thomas Frieden's Data-Driven Activism For a Healthier New York City (article)

10/09/08 School Receives $7.6 Million Grant to Study Disaster Preparedness for Vulnerable Populations

10/08/08 Mayor Dixon Reports on Health of Baltimore During Visit to Bloomberg School (web article)

10/03/08 Bloomberg School of Public Health Expands Collaboration in National Children’s Health Study

10/03/08 Pierre Coulombe to Lead the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

10/02/08 Researchers Identify Genes Associated with Increased Gout Risk 


09/26/08 Community-Based Behavior Change Management Cuts Neonatal Mortality in Half

09/23/08 News Media Overlook Food System and Climate Change Connection

09/23/08 Boult Receives Geriatric Leadership Award (web article)

09/22/08 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Awards Dean’s Medal to David Heymann

09/17/08 Mother’s Flu Shot Protects Newborns

09/14/08 New Gene Variant Identified for Non-Diabetic End Stage Renal Disease in African Americans

09/12/08 Key Component of Debilitating Lung Disease Identified

09/08/08 Johns Hopkins to Assist Practices in Medicare Medical Home Demonstration

09/02/08 Teret and Burke Appointed Associate Deans


08/22/08 Malaria Researchers Identify New Mosquito Virus

08/19/08 Study Recommends Modifying Pneumonia Treatment Guidelines in Developing Countries (web article)

08/12/08 Scott Zeger Named Wilks Memorial Award Recipient (web article)

08/02/08 Q&A:HIV Incidence in the United States: A Recount (web article)


07/28/08 Study Suggests 86 Percent of Americans Could be Overweight or Obese by 2030

07/24/08 De Beers African Health Scholars Named

07/23/08 Bloomberg and Gates Pledge $500 Million for Tobacco Control

07/22/08 Fulbright Awards Given to JHSPH Students and Alumna (web article)

07/14/08 Older Patients More Satisfied with Care When Accompanied to Medical Visits

07/09/08 After a Decade, Autoimmunity Day Still Promoting Awareness (web article)

07/07/08 Hand Washing Saves Newborn Lives

07/07/08 Newborn Vitamin A Reduces Infant Mortality

07/07/08 Dr. Keerti Shah: From the Special Topic of Human Papillomavirus (Reprinted from ScienceWatch)


06/26/08 Researchers Study Hidden Homicide Trend

06/23/08 Q&A: Bisphenol A and Plastics (web article)

06/19/08 Center for Global Health Names 2008 Scholarship Winners (web article)

06/16/08 Racial Disparities Reduced in Injury Related Mortality

06/16/08 Blood Pressure Levels in Childhood Track into Adulthood

06/06/08 Home-Based Care Significantly Reduces Neonatal Mortality in Developing Countries

06/04/08 Extended Infant Antiretroviral Prophylaxis Reduces HIV Risk During Breastfeeding

06/03/08 Robert S. Lawrence Named Inaugural Center for a Livable Future Professor


05/28/08 Pain-Free, Accurate and Low-Cost Tool Predict Antiretroviral Treatment Failure in HIV Patients (web article)

05/28/08 Faculty Recognized with 2008 Golden Apple Awards (web article)

05/22/08 Bandeen-Roche Named Interim Chair of Biostatistics (web article)

05/14/08 Estimated 3.2 Million Burmese Potentially Affected by Cyclone

05/13/08 National Study Examines Health Risks of Coarse Particle Pollution

05/07/08 Obesity Linked to Increased Risk for Dementia

05/06/08 "The Patient" Launched as First Journal Dedicated to Scientific Methods for Patient-Centric Research

05/06/08 Katherine O’Brien Receives Young Investigator Award (web article)


04/30/08 Key Facts Related to 2000 Soil Study

04/28/08 German Fulbright Scholars Visit Bloomberg School of Public Health (web article)

04/28/08 Congressman Seeks Input on Health Care Bill (web article)

04/28/08 Father of Daniel Pearl Urges Tolerance (web article)

04/14/08 Few Priority Countries on Track to Meet U.N. Millennium Development Goals on Maternal and Child Health (web article)

04/08/08 Follow Up Statement Regarding POPLINE Database

04/04/08 Statement Regarding POPLINE Database

04/04/08 Does Raising the Terrorism Alert Level Cause Undue Stress?

04/02/08 Men with Hypertensive Parents at Greater Risk for High Blood Pressure


03/25/08 Fogarty Program Receives NIH Grant (web article)

03/14/08 Marie Diener-West to Chair MPH Program (web article)

03/14/08 Center for Adolescent Health Calls Attention to Baltimore’s Homeless Youth

03/10/08 Program Aims to Bring “A Good Life” and Prevent HIV Among South African Youth (web article)

03/07/08 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Establishes Executive Degree Program for Asia-Pacific Region

03/05/08 Secondhand Smoke a Risk for Children Worldwide

03/04/08 Bloomberg School of Public Health Welcomes Peter Agre (web article)

03/03/08 JHMRI Hosts 4th International Malaria Research Conference


02/28/08 Report Warns of Looming Public Health Workforce Crisis

02/25/08 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Signs Collaborative Agreement with Abu Dhabi Health Authority

02/20/08 Alumnus Awarded Légion d'honneur Medal (web article) 

02/19/08 Trends Examined in Women’s HIV/AIDS Therapy

02/07/08 Sleep Duration May Play Important Role in Childhood Obesity

02/07/08 WHO Tobacco Epidemic Report Points to the Need for Immediate, Aggressive Tobacco Control

02/04/08 Zeger Named to Vice Provost Position (web article)


01/25/08 Center Established to Study Asthma in Baltimore

01/18/08 Online: “Progress Against Malaria” (web article)

01/17/08 One Third of Child Deaths and 11 Percent of Global Disease Burden Due to Maternal and Child Undernutrition

01/07/08 Physical Education and Active Play Help Teens Maintain Normal Weight as Adults

01/04/08 Anthony Fauci Taking Stock of the Fight Against AIDS (web article)

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