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2007 News Releases


12/28/07 Pilot Error Declines as Factor in Airline Mishaps

12/20/07 Johns Hopkins Receives $10 Million to Lead Trachoma Research

12/20/07 Peter Agre Named President-Elect of AAAS 

12/20/07 TIME Ranks JHSPH Research No. 1: Male Circumcision as HIV Prevention (web article)

12/20/07 Jacobs-Lorena Named “Scientific American 50” for Transgenic Mosquito Research (web article)

12/19/07 Empowering HIV Care Providers In Developing Countries (web article)                                                                        

12/18/07 Urban Health Culprits: Renewal and Corporations (web article)

12/17/07 Poultry Workers at Increased Risk of Carrying Antibiotic-Resistant E. coli

12/12/07 First Global Health Scholars Chosen (web article)

12/06/07 Ecologist Argues for Progress over Profit (web article)


11/29/07 Doctor From Darfur Champions Human Rights (web article)

11/27/07 Studies Suggest HIV Subtype More Deadly Than Others

11/20/07 Thanksgiving Day Parade Visitors Receive Public Health Message (web article)

11/20/07 Seminal HIV-Injection Drug User Study Marks 20th Anniversary (web article)

11/15/07 Jeffrey Sachs Invokes Moral Obligation to Indigenous Peoples (web article)

11/16/07 Links Helps Baltimore Develop a Flu Management Plan (web article)

11/13/07 Burke Receives Inaugural ASPH Faculty Award for Excellence (web article)

11/13/07 The Future of Drinking Water: Making it Safe (web article)

11/08/07 Center for a Livable Future Names Predoctoral Fellows for 2007-2008

11/07/07 Mexico’s Expanded Health Insurance Improves Hypertension Treatment

11/06/07 Chronic Kidney Disease Common in the United States

11/06/07 Hopkins Center Receives 2007 Injury Prevention and Control Health Impact Award (web article)

11/05/07 Public Health Certification Exam Information Session (web article)


10/25/07 Six JHU Researchers Named 2007 AAAS Fellows

10/24/07 Nobel Laureate Peter Agre to Lead Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

10/24/07 Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute Releases Special Report

10/22/07 Report Raises Awareness of Obstetric Fistula

10/16/07 New Public Health Certification Exam (web article)

10/10/07 Zeger Named Inaugural Hurley-Dorrier Chair in Biostatistics

10/08/07 Six JHU Researchers Elected To Institute of Medicine

10/05/07 Human Rights Violations Widespread in Eastern Burma

10/04/07 JHSPH to Lead Local Study Center in a Landmark Government Study of Child Health

10/04/07 Memorial for George W. Comstock (web article)

10/03/07 Scientists Learn Why Rats Are Carriers of Hantavirus

10/03/07 Food and the Farm Bill (web article)

10/01/07 Bertrand Receives Marjorie C. Horn Operations Research Award (web article)

10/01/07 Childhood TV Viewing a Risk for Behavior Problems


09/28/07 Working During Adolescence Increases Risk of Smoking

09/26/07 Burney Lecturer: The Future of Urban Health (web article)

09/24/07 Impact of Population-Wide Weight Loss Observed

09/20/07 Bloomberg School Recognized for Malaria Education (web article)

09/18/07 Free Evidence-Based Health Care Course Offered by Johns Hopkins

09/11/07 United States Continues to Have Highest Level of Health Spending

09/10/07 Sugar Identified as Key to Malaria Parasite Invasion

09/04/07 Practice-Based Intervention Has Sustained Benefits for Children and Families


08/29/07 Cocaine Use Related to Level of Education Achieved

08/17/07 PFOS and PFOA Exposure Associated with Lower Birth Weight and Size

08/15/07 Johns Hopkins Offers Online Global Tobacco Control Training

08/13/07 Bloomberg School Receives Seven-Year Accreditation (web article)

08/07/07 New Associate Dean for Research Administration (web article)

08/07/07 New Associate Dean for Development and External Relations (web article) 

08/06/07 Promoting Child Safety with Computers

08/02/07 Little Evidence to Support More U.S. and U.K. Doctors (web article)

08/02/07 Targeting Mosquito Antigens Can Block Malaria Transmission (web article)

08/02/07 Experts from the World’s Leading Health Organizations Release New Consensus-Based Family Planning Handbook

08/01/07 Six Students Win Fulbright Awards (web article)


07/31/07 Displaced Adolescent Girls Benefit from Group Therapy

07/24/07 Anti-Prostitution Pledge May Hinder Global HIV Control Efforts

07/19/07 Training Institute to Address Health Disparities Among Indigenous Peoples (web article)

07/17/07 Measles Vaccinations Need to be Repeated to Protect HIV-Infected Children

07/16/07 George Comstock 1915-2007

07/10/07 Obesity Rates Continue to Climb in the United States

07/07/07 Third Annual Postdoctoral Fellows Poster Competition (web article)

07/05/07 Substantial Improvements Achieved in Afghanistan’s Health Sector

07/02/07 De Beers African Health Scholars Named (web article)

07/02/07 More Swimmers Mean More Pathogens in the Water


06/28/07 The Gathering Storm: Infectious Diseases and Human Rights in Burma

06/27/07 Interview: Lead in Toys Poses Health Risk (web article)

06/27/07 Hib Vaccine: A Critical Ally in Asia’s Effort to Reduce Child Deaths

06/14/07 Grassroots Efforts Reduce Newborn Deaths in Northern India (web article)

06/13/07 Bloomberg School Student Named Luce Scholar (web article)

06/12/07 Targeted HIV Testing More Effective than CDC Mass Testing Proposal

06/10/07 Alzheimer’s Disease to Quadruple Worldwide by 2050

06/05/07 Cooley Named to NIH Child Psychopathology Study Section (web article)

06/01/07 Samet Honored by PAHO for Contributions to Smoke-Free Environments (web article)


05/31/07 Persistent Preterm Birth Disparities Account for Majority of Black-White Infant Mortality Gap (web article)

05/30/07 Q&A: Vision 2020 Gender Equity at Johns Hopkins (web article)

05/29/07 Q&A: Health Informatics (web article)

05/23/07 DiPietro Named Associate Dean for Research

05/17/07 Unraveling the Genes of the Mosquito Genome (web article)

05/17/07 Center for Global Health Announces Scholarship Winners (web article)

05/15/07 Obesity Increases Risk of Injury on the Job

05/14/07 Faculty Recognized with 2007 Golden Apple Awards (web article)

05/14/07 Q&A: Preventing Gun Violence in the United States (web article)

05/11/07 Brown Community Health Scholars Named

05/08/07 Hospitals Charge Uninsured and “Self-Pay” Patients More than Double What Insured Patients Pay

05/02/07 Pharmacy Data Could Be Simple Tool for Monitoring Adherence to HIV Therapy (web article)


04/25/07 Malaria Awareness Day (Special Coverage)

04/24/07 PFOA and PFOS Detected in Newborns

04/23/07 History of Drinking Increases Risk of Fatal Injury in Elderly (web article)

04/23/07 Improving Global Road Safety (web article)

04/19/07 Science Isn't Enough Says Management  Expert (web article)

04/17/07 Malaria-Infected Mice Cured by One Dose of New Drug

04/13/07 Soldier and Statesman: Colin Powell on Leadership (web article)

04/10/07 Changes Needed to Improve Safety of General Aviation Flights

04/09/07 MPH Students Help Establish Relationship with Nicaraguan NGOs (web article)

04/03/07 Research Explains How Lead Exposure Produces Learning Deficits

04/02/07 Kensler to Receive Cancer Research Award (web article)

04/02/07 Pediatricians Rarely Provide Translation Services for Patients with Little English Proficiency


03/30/07 Bloomberg School of Public Health Ranked No. 1 (web article)

03/28/07 Diplomats Discuss Iraq's Future (web article)

03/26/07 Johns Hopkins Researchers Examine Why People Eat the Foods They Do

03/21/07 Malaria-Resistant Mosquitoes Thrive in Lab (web article)

03/19/07 Americans Don’t Consume Enough Fruits and Vegetables (web article)

03/16/07 Bloomberg School Student Named Gates Cambridge Scholar (web article)

03/15/07 Zinc Supplementation Found to Reduce Mortality in Older Children

03/14/07 National Conference on Food and Farm Policy Held in Baltimore

03/13/07 Kumar to Receive Ranbaxy Award for Malaria Research (web article)

03/07/07 Bloomberg Students Help with New Orleans Relief Efforts (web article)

03/05/07 CARES Safety Center to Receive National Injury Prevention Award (web article)

03/02/07 Astronaut Provides Lessons in Leadership (web article)


02/28/07 Gates Global Health Chief: The Time is Now (web article)

02/23/07 High Exposure to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Detected in Baltimore Bars

02/22/07 Center for Global Health Names Associate Directors

02/19/07 The Keys to Successful Global Health Policy (web article)

02/19/07 CAAT Launches Public Policy Program

02/13/07 Absence of Health Insurance Coverage Costs $1.47 Billion in Maryland

02/12/07 Individuals with Genetic Conditions Twice as Likely to Report Denial of Health Insurance than Individuals with Other Chronic Illness

02/12/07 McNeely Appointed Deputy Director of the Center for Adolescent Health

02/08/07 CDC Releases New Data on the Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders (web article)

02/01/07 18 Million Men in the United States Affected by Erectile Dysfunction


01/31/07 New York City’s Tobacco Control Success Story (web article)

01/30/07 Investment Level in HIV Prevention Programs Related to HIV Incidence in the United States

01/24/07 Barlow Receives 2006 Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for Community Service (web article)

01/22/07 Research Ethics Committees in Africa Report Inadequate Funding, Staffing and Training

01/18/07 Alexander to Receive Preventive Medicine Service Award (web article)

01/18/07 Drug Treatment Seekers More Likely to Use Needle Exchange

01/17/07 More Aid Required for Chronic Conditions in Low Income Countries

01/17/07 Remembering George G. Graham (web article)

01/11/07 Africa Study Tour Journal (web article)

01/10/07 James Yager Named Edyth Schoenrich Professor in Preventive Medicine (web article)

01/05/07 Adding Antibiotics to Chicken Feed Not Cost-Effective

01/03/07 Vaccines for the Vulnerable Around the World (op-ed)

01/02/07 Muppets, Pharmacists and Journalists All Part of Avian Flu Prevention Campaign (web article)

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