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2006 News Releases and Articles


12/22/06 Hyder To Receive International Road Safety Award (web article)

12/20/06 Seniors Experience Long-term Benefits from Mental Exercise (web article)

12/18/06 Q&A: Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention (web article)

12/15/06 Gender Equity and Child Well-Being Are Interrelated (web article)

12/13/06 Studies Show Adult Male Circumcision Reduces Acquisition of HIV

12/11/06 Helping the Helper (web article)

12/07/06 Big Farms, Big Health Risks (web article)

12/07/06 Beliefs Impact Behavior (web article)

12/05/06 Nelson Elected Fellow of AAAS (web article)

12/01/06 The Clock is Ticking: AIDS in America (web article)

12/01/06 Commentary:HIV/AIDS Devastation in Africa: Where Do We Go From Here? (web article)


11/30/06 Bloomberg School Takes Message to Times Square (web article)

11/29/06 Fortified Milk Reduces Morbidity in Preschool Children

11/28/06 Cummings Receives Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award (web article)

11/20/06 Safer Method for Large-Scale Malaria Screening Developed

11/10/06 LaVeist Named Inaugural William C. and Nancy F. Richardson Professor in Health Policy

11/10/06 Baker Awarded Inaugural SAVIR Champions Award (web article)

11/09/06 Bahrami Receives Jay S. Drotman Memorial Award (web article)

11/07/06 Morrow Honored with APHA International Health Lifetime Achievement Award (web article)

11/06/06 New South African Survey Demonstrates Positive Impact of Multiple Communication Campaigns Promoting HIV Prevention Behaviors

11/02/06 School of Public Health Joins Michael Bloomberg’s $125 Million Initiative to Promote Freedom from Smoking


10/29/06 Experts Issue Urgent Call to Adopt New Principles to Aid and Protect World’s Most Vulnerable Populations from Influenza Pandemic

10/26/06 Point-of-Use Water Treatment Reduces Diarrhea in Refugee Camps

10/26/06 CAAT Celebrates 25 Years and Still Going Strong

10/25/06 Genetic Susceptibility to Inflammation Increases Risk of Cardiovascular Disease (web article)

10/25/06 Diabetes Not the Same for All (web article)

10/17/06 International Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plans Lack Prioritization

10/13/06 Ehrlich Running Mate Addresses Health Care in Maryland (web article)

10/11/06 Faster, More Accurate Tuberculosis Test Developed

10/11/06 Updated Iraq Survey Affirms Earlier Mortality Estimates

10/10/06 High Rates of Pertussis Found in States with Easy Immunization Exemptions (web article)

10/09/06 Three JHU Researchers Elected to Institute of Medicine (web article)

10/06/06 Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley Outlines Health Care Plan (web article)

10/06/06 Pandemic Flu Guide for Individuals and Families (web article)

10/05/06 School Celebrates "Keerti Shah Day" with Lecture Series (web article)


09/29/06 Experts Issue Urgent Call to Adopt New Principles to Aid and Protect World’s Most Vulnerable Populations from Influenza Pandemic

09/28/06 "Rx for Survival" Wins Emmy Award (web article)

09/27/06 Reforms to Sales Practices of Licensed Gun Dealer Reduced Supply of New Guns to Criminals

09/26/06 Model Predicts Heritable Genetic Defects Linked to Colon Cancer

09/26/06 Q & A: Lynch Syndrome Prediction Model (web article)

09/26/06 Q & A: What Can We Do About Global Environmental Change? (web article)

09/20/06 Environmental Lead Levels Related to Increased Death (web article)

09/12/06 National Commission to Study Health, Environmental Impact of Industrial Farm Animal Production

09/11/06 Johns Hopkins ACG Team Releases Pharmacy-Based Predictive Model

09/08/06 Q&A: Assessing the Health of Clean-Up and Recovery Workers at Ground Zero (web article)


08/28/06 Novel Mechanism of Manganese-Induced Neurological Dysfunction Discovered

08/22/06 Low and High BMI Increases Risk of Death

08/23/06 Wendy Schagen Klag 1952-2006

08/11/06 Online Epidemiology Certificate Program is Five Years Old (web article)

08/09/06 Q&A: Sex and the Internet – How Safe are Teens? (web article)

08/08/06 Biostatistics Professor Receives Noether Award (web article)

08/04/06 Public Health in Time of War (web article)

08/03/06 Police Stings of Gun Dealers Reduce the Supply of New Guns to Criminals

08/03/06 Q&A: Medication Errors in the United States (web article)

08/01/06 Domestic Violence During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Early Childhood Mortality


07/28/06 Center for Refugee and Disaster Response Provides Assistance to Middle East Region (web article)

07/21/06 Second Annual Poster Competition for Postdoctoral Fellows (web article)

07/17/06 Jonathan Samet Honored for Work on Surgeon General’s Report (web article)

07/12/06 Increased Risk for Hantavirus Forecasted for Southwestern U.S.

07/10/06 Q&A: The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke (web article)

07/07/06 Dominici Named Mortimer Spiegelman Award Recipient (web article)

07/05/06 Griffin Elected President of American Society for Microbiology (web article)

07/03/06 Graduated Driver Licensing Reduces Fatal Crashes by 11 Percent

07/02/06 Antihistamine Identified as Potential Antimalarial Drug


06/29/06 India’s Minister of Health Talks about Control of HIV/AIDS (web article)

06/29/06 Biostatistics Student Receives Young Investigator Award (web article)

06/28/06 Community Spirit May Prevent Teen Pregnancy (web article)

06/27/06 Fulbright Awards Go to Bloomberg School Students and Grad (web article)

06/21/06 David Duncan: 1916-2006 (web article)

06/19/06 Receptor Holds the Key to Mosquito Immune Response

06/12/06 Conference Highlights Drug Treatment Successes (web article)

06/08/06 Mosquito Immune System Examined

06/05/06 Center for a Livable Future Names Predoctoral Fellows for 2006-2007

06/01/06 Native Vision Camp Empowers Native Youth to Succeed


05/26/06 HPV Vaccine Holds Promise for Preventing Cervical Cancer (web article)

05/26/06 Nonnative Oysters in Chesapeake Bay Offer Benefits and Risks

05/25/06 Dickersin and Helzlsouer Named to Maryland’s Top 100 Women (web article)

05/24/06 Marie Diener-West Honored by American Statistical Association (web article)

05/23/06 Poor Adolescents More Likely to be Overweight Today than 30 Years Ago

05/23/06 Little Evidence Multivitamins Prevent Chronic Diseases

05/17/06 Mild Maternal Stress May Actually Help Children Mature

05/16/06 Patrick Breysse Honored by ACGIH (web article)

05/15/06 Johns Hopkins Launches Center for Global Health

05/10/06 CCP Helps Develop Ready? Set? Good. Emergency Preparedness Campaign for Baltimore Region (web article)

05/03/06 Johns Hopkins Community Programs and Research Group Receives $5.4 Million Award

05/02/06 New Engineering Center to Transform Sensor Technology

05/01/06 Internet May Be the Way to Send Youth Health Messages (web article)


04/28/06 Sommer Receives Spirit of Helen Keller Award (web article)

04/28/06 Ruth Karron Named Chair of FDA Advisory Committee (web article)

04/26/06 Computer Simulations Help Nations Prepare for Flu Pandemic (video available)

04/26/06 Sludge Recycling Sends Antiseptic Soap Ingredient to Agriculture

04/20/06 Parasite Development Demystified

04/19/06 Combating Poverty Should be a Grassroots Effort (web article) (video available)

04/19/06 Injuries from Lawn Mowing Increase Nationwide (video available)

04/17/06 Nearly Half of Public Health Employees Unlikely to Work During Pandemic

04/12/06 Zirkin Receives Andrology Distinguished Service Award (web article)

04/12/06 International Health Student Named NSF Fellow (web article)

04/12/06 Powe Named to HHS Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections (web article)

04/09/06 Remembering Cecile M. Pickart (web article)

04/07/06 Researchers Use Mass Spectrometry to Detect Norovirus Particles

04/05/06 School of Public Health Launches Five-Year Program to Improve Public Health Education in Africa

04/03/06 Researchers Discover Gene Critical for Protection Against Septic-Shock-Induced Death

04/03/06 Few Child Safety Seat Models Available for Obese Young Children (web article)


03/28/06 Malaria Conference Highlights Complexity of the Fight against Malaria (web article)

03/27/06 AIDS, TB, Malaria and Bird Flu Spread Unchecked in Burma

03/22/06 Topical Antiseptic Reduces Umbilical Cord Infection and Mortality Risk

03/17/06 Nelson Recognized for Epidemiologic Work (web article)

03/15/06 Dr. Cheryl Alexander Remembered (web article)

03/15/06 Childhood Obesity Projected to Increase Dramatically by 2010 (web article)

03/15/06 Nepal Journal: Reflections on a Trip with Al Sommer (web article)

03/08/06 Reproducibility Should Be Minimum Standard for Epidemiologic Research

03/07/06 Q&A: The Hazards of Fine Particulate Matter (web article)

03/07/06 Fine Particles Increase Hospital Admissions for Heart Failure and Cardiovascular Disease

03/06/06 Mother’s Depressive Symptoms Contribute Unfavorably to Parenting Practices

03/06/06 Weiner to Determine Health Indicators for Electronic Medical Records (web article)

03/01/06 Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents Associated with Parental Domestic Violence

03/01/06 Baker to be Inducted into Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame (web article)


02/23/06 Brookmeyer and Griffin Elected to AAAS Section Chair Positions (web article)

02/22/06 Historic Television Program Offers Unique Perspective of 1957 Asian Flu Pandemic (web article)

02/15/06 New Compound Protects Against Liver Cancer

02/13/06 Secondhand Smoke Cost Marylanders $597 Million in Lost Lives and Medical Costs in 2005 (web article)

02/02/06 Celentano Receives Honorary Doctorate from Chiang Mai University (web article)

02/02/06 Protecting People from the Avian Flu (web article)

02/02/06 Planning for a Pandemic (web article)


01/27/06 UN Special Envoy Urges More Action on AIDS in Africa (web article)

01/25/06 Trauma Center Care Significantly Lowers Risk of Death

01/25/06 New Center Established to Study Health Effects of Air Pollution

01/24/06 Baltimore Businesses Target Diabetic Eye Disease in Hispanics

01/23/06 Darkness More Than Triples EMS Helicopter Crash Fatality Risk

01/11/06 LaVeist Receives Minority Health Knowledge Award (web article)

01/06/06 Gielen Named Health Behavior Fellow (web article)

01/04/06 The Art of Public Health (web article)

01/03/06 Guidelines Needed to Help Care for Children During Emergencies

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