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2005 News Releases and Articles


12/23/05 Cleaning Up Antimicrobial Hand Soaps (web article)

12/22/05 CCP Awarded $30 Million to Promote Health Products and Services in Uganda Using a Consumer-Driven Approach

12/19/05 Excluded Children Is Focus of 2006 UNICEF Report (web article)

12/19/05 On Their Own: Why Do Kids Become Homeless? (web article)

12/13/05 Vaccine Has Potential for Prevention of Respiratory Papillomatosis (web article)

12/09/05 Winning the Battle Against AIDS (web article)

12/09/05 Bloomberg School to Play Important Role in Homeland Security Center (web article)

12/07/05 Home is Where…the Hospital Is

12/05/05 What Will Persuade Health Care Workers to Get their Flu Shots? (web article)

12/01/05 Jewelry-Making Program Empowers Participants, Reduces HIV Risk


11/28/05 Oil Mist Reduces Airborne Hazards in Concentrated Swine Feeding Operation

11/24/05 Zinc Supplements Safe for HIV-Infected Children

11/14/05 Essential Oil and Food Additive Combined to Fight Parasite Affecting Millions

11/10/05 Local Infection Controls Are Key to Pandemic Flu Strategy (Baltimore Sun Op-Ed)

11/04/05 Gregory Pappas Talks about the Earthquake in Pakistan (web article)

11/03/05 Preventive Injury Strategies Not Scientifically Solid

11/03/05 Avian Influenza Is a Threat To Our Collective Security (Wall Street Journal Commentary)

11/01/05 Traffic Safety Model Can Help Authorities Prepare for Avian Flu Outbreak

11/01/05 Oil and Alcohol Could Kill You


10/28/05 Johns Hopkins Researchers Stand by Study

10/28/05 Eric Noji Named to Institute of Medicine (web article)

10/26/05 School Receives $6.7 Million Contract to Investigate Health of Poor in Developing Countries

10/26/05 Gibbons Becomes President-Elect of International Society for Urban Health (web article)

10/25/05 Free Injury Course Content Made Available on the Internet (web article)

10/24/05 Gene That Helps Mosquitoes Fight Off Malaria Parasite Identified

10/21/05 The Earthquake in Pakistan: The School Responds (web article)

10/19/05 Preparing for a Pandemic—Bloomberg School Tests Potential Avian Flu Vaccine (web article)

10/17/05 Center to Evaluate “Real World” Risks and Benefits of Medical Treatments

10/14/05 Computer Models Aid Understanding of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement in Spread of Dengue Fever

10/13/05 South Asia Earthquake—Message from Dean Klag

10/04/05 Conference on Youth Gangs Defines Problems, Looks for Answers (web article)


09/29/05 Pregnant Women at Higher Risk for HIV, Uganda Study Finds

09/29/05 Hopkins Researcher Receives $2.5 Million NIH Award (web article)

09/28/05 Shelters from the Storm: Dean Klag Assists Red Cross Efforts in Texas (web article)

09/26/05 Team Returns to the Gulf Coast to Collect Environmental Samples (web article--photo gallery)

09/23/05 From Despair to Health Care: A Talk by Paul Farmer (web article--audio/video interview)

09/22/05 Hurricane Katrina—Preliminary Assessment of Gulf Coast Shelters (webcast)

09/21/05 35 Tulane Students Settle in at Bloomberg School (web article)

09/19/05 Professor Named to “Brilliant 10” List (web article)

09/19/05 Center for Law and the Public’s Health Receives Important Global Designation

09/19/05 Injury Prevention Could Save Maryland at Least $700 Million per Year

09/13/05 High Blood Sugar Levels a Risk Factor for Heart Disease

09/12/05 Two Bloomberg School of Public Health Students Receive Fulbright Awards (web article)

09/12/05 Kellogg Schwab: Assessing the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (web article--audio/video interview)

09/09/05 Afghan Refugee Children and Young Adults Prone to Injury

09/08/05 Hurricane Katrina Volunteers Face Legal Questions (web article)

09/06/05 Public Health Experts Aid Hurricane Katrina Survivors (web article)

09/02/05 Assistance for Tulane School of Public Health Students

09/02/05 Katrina's Aftermath: Public Health Infrastructure (web article)

09/01/05 Katrina's Aftermath: Public Health Concerns (web article)

09/01/05 Hurricane Katrina--A Message from Dean Michael J. Klag

09/01/05 Klag Assumes Deanship of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


08/29/05 Ellen MacKenzie to Lead Health Policy and Management Department

08/24/05 “It’s the Prices Stupid” (web article)

08/24/05 McGready and McAtee Receive Excellence in Online Teaching Awards (web article)

08/23/05 Zinc Supplements Reduce Pneumonia and Diarrhea in Children (web article)

08/22/05 Civilian Helicopter Crash-Resistant Fuel Systems Could Be More Effective

08/08/05 Taiwan’s Health Minister Returns to Bloomberg School (web article)

08/03/05 Computer Simulation Analyzes Strategies for Stopping Flu Pandemic (video available)

08/01/05 Gates Institute Hosts Meeting on Obstetric Fistula (web article)


07/28/05 Firefighters Face Increased Cancer Risk

07/26/05 New Initiative to Address Needs of Children in Military Households

07/25/05 IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment (web article)

07/20/05 Coping with Multiple Chronic Conditions

07/19/05 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Hosts Annual Summer Institute and Seminars (special coverage)

07/15/05 Implications of Meat Production and Consumption Discussed (web article)

07/15/05 Researchers Study Health Impact of 1990-91 Gulf War on Saudi Arabia Population (web article)

07/13/05 Bloomberg School Graduate Nominated for Federal Post (web article)

07/12/05 U.S. Still Spends More on Health Care than Any Other Country

07/07/05 Clinical Trials Registration: Overdue yet Elusive (web article)

07/05/05 Researchers Discover Gene that Determines Asthma Susceptibility by Regulating Inflammation

07/04/05 Television in the Bedroom May Hurt Child’s School Performance


06/30/05 Knowledge of Tuskegee Study Doesn’t Increase Medical Mistrust

06/29/05Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Video Receives Telly Award (web article)

06/28/05 Maryland’s Environmental Health Infrastructure Needs Repair

06/27/05 $5.1 Billion Would Save 6 Million Children

06/20/05 Center for a Livable Future Fellows Announced (web article)

06/20/05 Inexpensive Tests Can be Used to Decide Who Needs HIV Treatment in Resource-Poor Countries

06/17/05 Guided Care Study Launched to Aid Seniors with Chronic Conditions

06/16/05 High Rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections Found in Young Drug Users

06/15/05 De Beers Establishes African Health Scholars Program at Bloomberg School of Public Health

06/15/05 Maryland’s Poor, African-American Communities Suffer Disproportionate Cancer Risk from Air Pollution

06/14/05 Medicare’s Investment in Quality Improvement May Not Be Paying Off

06/14/05 Gene Variant Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease

06/10/05 Native Vision Camp Empowers Youth to Succeed

06/06/05 Training Video Helps Doctors Apologize for Medical Mistakes

06/06/05 West Named Inaugural George G. Graham Professor in Infant and Child Nutrition

06/03/05 What Health Professionals Can Do to Thwart Big Tobacco (web article)

06/01/05 Stress, Mood and Other Factors May Affect Mom’s Diet During Pregnancy


05/24/05 Faculty and Student Honors and Awards 2005

05/20/05 Baker Receives Aerospace Medical Association Award (web article)

05/19/05 David Holtgrave to Lead Health, Behavior and Society Department

05/18/05 Zeger Named Inaugural Hurley-Dorrier Professor In Biostatistics

05/18/05 Dodge Lecture Addresses Environmental Concerns (web article)

05/17/05 Defining a Standard of Care in Research Debated (web article)

05/17/05 Birth Factors Associated with Risk for Autism

05/16/05 Two New Retroviruses—Transmitted from Animals—Identified in Humans

05/16/05 Klag Named Dean-Designate of Bloomberg School of Public Health

05/15/05 Corporate Emergency Preparedness Examined at Two-Day Conference (web article)

05/11/05 Educating Parents Decreases Child Malnutrition (web article)

05/10/05 Rakai Health Sciences Building Opened in Uganda (web article)

05/05/05 Tollbooth Ventilation System Effective in Protecting Workers from Traffic Air Pollution

05/04/05 Researchers Develop New Method for Facile Identification of Proteins in Bacterial Cells

05/03/05 Alfred Sommer Awarded Helen Keller Prize

05/02/05 Why are Parents Refusing to Vaccinate School-Aged Children? (web article)

05/02/05 HIV Treatment Not Affected by Hormonal Birth Control


04/27/05 School Researchers Receive Fogarty Injury Grant (web article)

04/27/05 Exclusive Breastfeeding Reduces Risk of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

04/25/05 Jay’s Wolfe Street Café Welcomes Meatless Monday Campaign (web article)

04/20/05 Johns Hopkins ACG Risk Adjustment System to be Used in Spain, Portugal

04/19/05 Mercury Levels and Cognitive Function Investigated in Adults

04/14/05 The Nutrition Paradox: Undernutrition and Obesity Co-Existing in the Developing World (web article)

04/11/05 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Offers Free Course Content Online

04/06/05 New Website Highlights the Contributions of Women in Public Health

04/06/05 Environmental Health Sciences Researcher's Article among Most Cited (web article)


03/28/05 Student Named to American Public Health Association Science Board (web article)

03/25/05 Infectious Diseases Still Major Public Health Threat, Fauci Says (web article)

03/25/05 Study Provides New Estimates of the Causes of Child Mortality Worldwide

03/22/05 Abuse and HIV Status Linked to Suicide Risk

03/21/05 Government Can Create Incentives for Healthy Behavior, Says Arkansas Governor (web article)

03/17/05 Waist Size Linked to Diabetes Risk in Adult Men

03/16/05 Drug-Resistant Bacteria on Poultry Products Differ by Brand

03/15/05 Live Recombinant Adenovirus Vaccine Technique Explored

03/15/05 More Balance between Primary-Care and Specialist Physicians Could Improve U.S. Health

03/09/05 Study Examines Consequences of Thailand’s “War On Drugs”

03/08/05 Norovirus Found to Cause Traveler’s Diarrhea

03/07/05 Risky Injection Behaviors are Established at the Onset of Injection Drug Use

03/04/05 Author Brings "The Great Influenza" to the School (web article)

03/03/05 Low-Cost Measures Could Prevent 72 Percent Of Newborn Deaths Worldwide

03/03/05 Kay Dickersin to Lead Center for Clinical Trials

03/01/05 John M. Barry Author of “The Great Influenza” to Speak at School of Public Health (web article)


02/25/05 When Bad Things Happen to Good Investigators (web article)

02/24/05 Study Examines Harm Reduction Among Injection Drug Users

02/23/05 Faculty Fellows Named to Center for Excellence in Environmental Public Health Tracking

02/15/05 Bloomberg Students Reap Benefits of W.K. Kellogg Foundation Programs (web article)

02/14/05 Refining the Malaria Vaccine Agenda (web article)

02/10/05 Schoenrich to be Inducted into Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame (web article)

02/10/05 Alcohol Drinkers Three Times as Likely to Die from Injury

02/01/05 State Policies Decrease Youth Smoking, Drinking and Sex


01/31/05 Jay’s Wolfe Street Café Opens at Bloomberg School of Public Health (web article)

01/28/05 It’s Winter: Beware the Indoor Air Pollution (web article)

01/27/05 Manning Feinleib Honored with Lilienfeld Award (web article)

01/26/05 Taking the Health Message to Davos (web article)

01/24/05 Living in a Disadvantaged Neighborhood May Increase HIV Risk

01/21/05 Anti-Bacterial Additive Widespread In U.S. Waterways

01/20/05 Back from Banda Aceh: An Interview with Earl Wall (web article)

01/18/05 Hib Vaccine Prevents Pneumonia and Meningitis in Asia

01/18/05 "Report Cards" for Doctors Not Always Helpful

01/13/05 Hopkins Researchers Ranked First and Third in Health Affairs Most-Read Articles (web article)

01/12/05 Tsunami Stories (web article)

01/11/05 High Sugar Levels Increase Cancer and Mortality Risk

01/05/05 Faculty from the Center for Refugee and Disaster Response Aid Victims of the South Asian Tsunami (web article)

01/05/05 Secondhand Smoke Linked to Cervical Cancer

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