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2004 News Releases


12/30/04 Public Health Impact of Tsunamis

12/28/04 Dioxin Poisoning (web article)

12/21/04 Lack of Quality Communication During Medical Visits May Contribute to African-American Health Disparities

12/17/04 Medical Historian Speaks at School about Wade Hampton Frost (web article)

12/17/04 Alfred Sommer Awarded Prestigious Pollin Prize

12/16/04 Few Americans Aware They Have Chronic Kidney Disease

12/15/04 Study Models Impact of Anthrax Vaccine

12/15/04 Free Nicotine Patches Increase Short-Term Smoking Quit Rates

12/10/04 National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month Promoted with Tree Tags (web article)

12/10/04 Marie Diener-West Installed as First Abbey-Merrell Professor of Biostatistics Education (web article)

12/07/04 Donald Steinwachs Installed as First Soper Professor (web article)

12/06/04 Former NHTSA President Delineates History of Automobile Safety and Liability (web article)

12/06/04 Samet Receives International Public Health Award (web article)

12/03/04 Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria Found to be Airborne in Concentrated Swine Operation

12/03/04 Cooking with Plastics (web article)

12/02/04 Impact of 2002 Canadian Forest Fires Felt 700 Miles Away in Baltimore, Maryland


11/30/04 Diener-West Named Inaugural Abbey-Merrell Professor of Biostatistics Education

11/30/04 New York Health Commissioner Tells of Challenges, Successes (web article)

11/24/04 Study Highlights Importance of Pesticide Worker Dermal Exposure and Limitations of Measurement Methods

11/23/04 Steven Shapiro Delivers Lecture About Genomic Promise for COPD Therapies (web article)

11/18/04 Hopkins Institute for Global Tobacco Control Receives Elite Recognition from PAHO/WHO

11/16/04 Ground-Level Ozone Linked to Increased Mortality

11/11/04 Lung Association Honors Mayor Michael Bloomberg (web article)

11/10/04 Study Shows High-Dose Vitamin E Supplements May Increase Risk of Dying

11/09/04 Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine Available

11/04/04 Pearl German to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from the APHA (web article)

11/01/04 Gene Found To Defend Against Environmental Pollutants and Pulmonary Emphysema

11/01/04 "Veg Out" Contest Promotes Healthy Eating (web article)


10/29/04 Hardwick Named AAAS Fellow (web article)

10/28/04 Iraqi Civilian Deaths Increase Dramatically After Invasion

10/26/04 Center for Adolescent Health Receives Renewed CDC Funding as a Prevention Research Center (web article)

10/26/04 Video Project Helps Schools Plan Health Programming

10/22/04 New Scholarship to Recruit Public Health Leaders of The Future

10/22/04 Chemical Indicators Signal High Levels of Bacteria and Pathogens from Sewage Sources in Baltimore City Waterways (web article)

10/22/04 Student Receives Robert D. Watkins Graduate Research Fellowship (web article)

10/20/04 Guidebook Helps Adults Identify and Cope with Teen Stress

10/18/04 Diane Griffin Named to Institute of Medicine (web article)

10/15/04 Vaccine Shortage Complicates Flu Season

10/14/04  CCP Contributes Expertise to New Public Health Projects

10/13/04 Saving Lives Millions at a Time Receives Numerous Awards (web article)

10/12/04 J.B. Grant Society Hosts Panel on Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (web article)

10/12/04 Chipping Away at Malaria (web article)

10/06/04 Burney Lecturer: U.S. Citizens Unaware of Water Resources' Limits (web article)

10/01/04 Nutrition Expert Discusses New Dietary Guidelines (web article)


09/30/04 Jonathan Weiner Appointed to Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee (web article)

09/29/04 Injuries are the Fourth Leading Cause of Death in the Philippines

09/27/04 "HIV Positive Voices" Wins Best Documentary at New York AIDS Film Festival

09/23/04 Gun Policy Center Recommends Alternatives to Expired Weapons Ban (web article)

09/20/04 Pharmacist Shares His Perspective on Malaria in Zimbabwe (web article)

09/20/04 Matthew L. Tayback, 1919-2004 (web article) 

09/16/04 U.S. Child Health Worse Than Other Industrialized Countries

09/14/04 School Hosts Health Care Debate (web article)

09/13/04 Initiating HAART Sooner Optimizes Results (web article)

09/08/04 High Blood Pressure Can Be Controlled, If We Wish to Control It (web article) 

09/08/04 Leaders Address “Culture Of Detachment” in U.S. Schools

09/01/04 Access to Health Care: The Presidential Positions


08/30/04 Three Bloomberg School of Public Health Students Receive Fulbright Awards (web article)

08/27/04 CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service: The Real Medical Investigators (web article)

08/26/04 Two Prestigious Foundations Appoint Dean Sommer to Board of Directors (web article)

08/26/04 Student Named President-Elect of Public Health Student Caucus (web article)

 08/19/04 Improved Nutrition Could Reduce Malaria Burden Worldwide

08/18/04 Anti-Bacterial Additive Found in Maryland Streams

08/11/04 Scientists Identify Compounds That Mimic Calorie Restriction

08/11/04 Parliamentarians Convene for Health Leadership Seminar (special report)

08/05/04 Dr. Rita Colwell Among Inductees to National Women’s Hall of Fame (web article)

08/05/04 Diversity Student Internship Program Provides Public Health Insight (web article)

08/03/04 Gun Laws Requiring Safe Storage Prevent Some Youth Suicides

08/03/04 The Hard Facts about Fighting Ebola (web article)


07/30/04 Medicare Changes View on Obesity (web article)

07/28/04 New Mobile Safety Center Hits the Streets

 07/26/04 School Researchers File Friends-of-the-Court Brief in Landmark Tobacco Case

07/21/04 Lower Drug Prices Could Eliminate Coverage Gap in Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

07/20/04 Study Reveals High Burden of Peripheral Arterial Disease (web article)

07/20/04 Young Children Capable of Reporting on Their Own Health 

07/16/04 Gates Leadership Seminar Energizes Participants (special report) 

07/14/04 Maryland Honors MPH Graduate for Creating PHASE Program (web article)

07/13/04 Medical Database Agreement to Enhance ACG Risk Adjustment System

07/06/04 Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Announces Fellowship Grants


06/29/04 Scientific Secrets of Getting Pregnant (web article)

06/28/04 School of Public Health Tests New Anthrax Vaccine

06/24/04 Researcher Dispels Myth of Dioxins and Plastic Water Bottles (web article)

06/24/04 Malaria Researcher Receives Global Infectious Disease Award (web article)

06/23/04 Long History of Missed Opportunities Plague Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

06/22/04 Mental Health Faculty Member Receives NARSAD Grant

06/18/04 Ugandans Highly Knowledgeable about HIV Vaccine and Willing to Participate in Future Trials

6/18/04 Cicadas Help in Study of Lou Gehrig's Disease (web article)

6/17/04 Improved Nutrition Could Prevent More Than Half of the World’s Child Deaths Annually

6/16/04 Fetal Development Expert Lectured at School (web article)

06/15/04 Griffin Named to American Academy of Microbiology (web article)

06/15/04 Secondhand Smoke Found in 94 Percent of Public Places in Latin America

06/15/04 CCP Wins Regional Emmy Award for HIV/AIDS Documentary

06/14/04 Report Highlights Importance of Chesapeake Bay Health to Human Health

06/14/04 Conference Examines Cost-Effective Medicaid (web article)

06/10/04 Lead and Cadmium Levels Not as Safe as Previously Thought

06/09/04 Alzheimer’s Disease—When Will We Conquer It? (web article)

06/09/04 World Conference on Injury Prevention Report Authored by School Faculty (web article)

06/07/04 Environmental Health Sciences Researchers Receive Aerosol Paper Award (web article)

06/02/04 2004 Faculty Innovation Fund Winners Announced (web article)

06/02/04 Male Involvement in Contraception Education Can Decrease Repeat Abortions (web article)


05/27/04 Researchers Identify New Target Of Protein Involved In Cancerous Cell Growth

05/26/04 New Educational Website Highlights Connections Between Human Health, Climate and Ecosystem Change

05/20/04 Zinc Therapy Accelerates Recovery from Pneumonia

05/20/04 Major General Lester Martinez-Lopez Receives Woodrow Wilson Award (web article)

05/19/04 Honors and Awards Ceremony (web article)

05/17/04 Mectizan Studies Presented at Symposium (web article)

05/14/04 How Can We Beat Those Food Cravings? (web article)

05/13/04 Multi-Million Dollar Gifts to Aid Scholars and Mother and Infant Mortality Prevention

05/10/04 Studies Show Success of Mectizan Partnerships

05/10/04 School Participates in Bike to Work Day (web article)

05/07/04 Resource Fair Offers Health Information For East Baltimore

05/04/04 Americans Spend More On Health Care But Are Not Healthier

05/04/04 School Of Public Health Awarded $2.9 Million For Computer Modeling Of Epidemics

05/03/04 School Researchers Work to Improve West Nile Virus Surveillance (web article)

05/03/04 Early Spanking a Risk Factor for Behavior Problems Among White Children, Not African-Americans or Hispanics


04/29/04 Award Recognizes Samet’s Dedication to Further Lung Disease Research (web article)

04/29/04 Barbara Starfield Given 2004 Baxter International Foundation Prize (web article)

04/28/04 Pesticide Exposure May Lead to Poor Semen Quality (web article)

04/27/04 Speakers Help School Rededicate New Space and Persevere in Mission (web article)

04/27/04 HIV Infection Progresses To AIDS Quicker In Developing Countries

04/26/04 Robert Blum Installed As Inaugural Gates Professor (web article)

04/26/04 Nation’s Largest AIDS Study Marks 20th Anniversary

04/20/04 Two from Johns Hopkins Elected to National Academy of Sciences

04/19/04 School of Public Health Celebrates Building Completion, Rededicates Mission

04/16/04 Maryland's Uninsured Are Focus of 2004 Colman Lecture (web article) 

04/15/04 School Researcher Participated in United Nations Road Traffic Safety Roundtable (web article)

04/15/04 Eating for the Future: Can Public Health Rise to the Challenge? (web article)

04/14/04 "Dirty Bomb" Preparedness Discussed at Conference (web article)

04/13/04 School of Public Health Helps Teens Produce Anti-Smoking Messages (web article)

04/12/04 School Of Public Health Awarded $3.9 Million to Assess Afghan Health System

04/09/04 Drug Policies and the Global HIV Epidemic (web article)

04/07/04 Obesity Epidemic Concerns Addressed at Symposium

04/06/04 Conference Examines Radiation Terror Preparedness

04/06/04 Center For Public Health and Human Rights Established

04/06/04 Vietnamese Physicians Visit School to Study Health Care Delivery to Disadvantaged (web article)

04/05/04 Hepatitis B Mutations Predict Liver Cancer


03/31/04 Road Safety Focus of World Health Day 2004

03/31/04  Genetic Engineering Offers New Way to Combat Insect Pests (web article)

03/30/04 Traumatic Brain Injuries Are An Overlooked Public Health Issue (web article)

03/26/04 Malaria Conference's Second Day Focuses on the Big Picture (web article)

03/25/04 Malaria Research Institute Holds Second International Conference(web article)

03/25/04 New Fitness Center Opened at School of Public Health(web article)

03/23/04Ecologist Urges Sharing Land with Other Species to Foster Biodiversity (web article)

03/22/04 Coffee House Opened at School of Public Health (web article)

03/18/04 Primate Viruses Transmitted to People Through Bushmeat

03/18/04 International Health Professor Receives HEED Grant for Study in Chad

03/12/04 William Eaton to Lead Department of Mental Health

03/08/04 School of Public Health Takes Behavior and Health Challenge (web article)

03/05/04 “Docs, Cops and Shops” Campaign to Curb Drinking and Driving

03/02/04 Due To Indoor Sources, Cancer Health Risk Significantly Underestimated by EPA’s Ambient Model Estimates

03/01/04 School of Public Health Renews Agreement with Spanish Health Ministry(web article)

03/01/04 Patients Should Be Informed About Different Dialysis Treatments


02/25/04 New Tool Measures Children’s Own Health Perceptions

02/24/04 Ethical Review of Research in Developing Countries Needed

02/23/04 Study To Detect Extent Of Eye Disease In Baltimore Children

02/19/04 Celiac Disease is a Risk Factor for Schizophrenia

02/12/04 Dr. Rita Colwell, National Science Foundation Director, to Join School of Public Health

02/11/04 Duff Gillespie Joins Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health

02/04/04 Study Questions Premise of Impending U.S. Physician Shortage


01/28/04 Ignoring Deadly Viruses (Wall Street Journal op-ed)

01/27/04 High Cholesterol Predicts Lower Mortality in Dialysis Patients But Is Not Protective

01/21/04 Thailand Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Epidemics Spread in Waves Emanating from Bangkok

01/19/04 Vitamin Supplement Use May Reduce Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease

01/09/04 Public Health Association Calls for Moratorium on Factory Farms; Cites Health Issues, Pollution

01/09/04 Inadequate Water and Sanitation Adversely Effects Child Growth

01/07/04 Lack of Global Public Policies and Resource Investments for Childhood Injury Prevention

01/06/04 Potential Impact of Global Climate Change (web article)

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