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April 8, 2003

Grant to Study Secondhand Smoke Hazards

Jonathan Samet, MD, director of the Institute for Global Tobacco Control and chair of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Epidemiology, has received a Dr. William Cahan Distinguished Professor award for $600,000 from the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI) for his tobacco research.

Dr. Samet said, “At the end of a long day, I found a wonderful letter from FAMRI offering me the honor of the Cahan Professorship. My immediate thought was to use the award to research the problem of involuntary smoking on a global scale.”

Dr. Samet and his colleges plan to look at a global description of exposure to secondhand smoke and the associated risks. They also hope to research the development of tools to help in reducing exposure to secondhand smoke.

Named for the late Dr. William Cahan, a pioneer in the national movement to fight the health hazards of tobacco and secondhand tobacco smoke, the award will be used for research that combats the damage and diseases caused by the use of tobacco products and exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. The award is one of five given to professors around the United States, totaling $3 million.

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 Photographs of Jonathan Samet are available upon request.