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2003 News Releases


12/18/03 Teenage Pregnancy May Put Girls At Risk for Osteoporosis

12/16/03 Practice-Based Interventions Enhance Quality of Care

12/15/03 U.S. Fund for UNICEF Leaders Discuss State of the World's Children

12/04/03 Moderate Alcohol Consumption Linked to Brain Shrinkage

12/01/03 Christmas Tree Distributors Promote Safe Driving


11/21/03 Tobacco Control Policies Lower Smoking Rates

11/20/03 School-Based "Pathways" Intervention Reveals Need for More Intense Tools to Combat Childhood Obesity

11/18/03 HIV Documentary to Premiere Dec. 1

11/10/03 Mutants, Mosquitoes and Mad Cows Seminar--November 12

11/05/03 Placental Malaria Increases Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

11/04/03 $37 Million Grant Awarded for Global Health Research

11/03/03 Systolic Better Than Diastolic or Pulse Blood Pressure as Indicators of Mortality Risk


10/31/03 Genital Ulcers Increase During and After HIV Infection

10/30/03 Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Announces Fellowship Grants

10/29/03 Dr. Neil R. Powe Elected to Institute of Medicine

10/27/03 Two Million Neonatal Deaths Take Place In Two Developing Regions Of The World

10/25/03 New Child Safety Seat Law Effective October 1

10/24/03 School Receives $1.6 Million to Expand Vaccine Development and Research

10/16/03 Proteins Enable HIV to Override Cell's Defenses

10/13/03 Mandatory Infant Restraints on Airplanes Ill-Advised

10/10/03 Mental Health and Disaster Preparedness

10/09/03 Antiretroviral Therapy After Birth Decreases Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission

10/01/03 Spectators Discouraged From Watching Building Demolitions


09/29/03 PET Scans Used to Determine Progression of HIV Infection

09/24/03 Robert Blum to Chair Population and Family Health Sciences

09/23/03 New Software Helps States Manage Medicaid Expenditures

09/16/03 New Institute for Global Health and Security

09/12/03 Linda Fried Named to NACA

09/11/03 AIDS Development Can Be Monitored and Predicted

09/05/03 School of Public Health Part of Regional Biodefense Center

09/03/03 Pesticide Symposium Focuses on Identifying Threats

09/02/03 Program Evaluation Critical to Pakistani Doctoral Retainment


08/29/03 African American Teen Mothers Have Greater Risk for Low Birth Weight and Premature Babies

08/26/03 Center for Adolescent Health Appoints New Director

08/25/03 Two School Professors Recognized by APHA

08/22/03 Intervention Decreases Childhood Pneumonia Mortality

08/14/03 Pneumococcal Vaccine Effective for High-Risk Communities

08/13/03 American Indian HIV Awareness Campaign

08/12/03 Research Invents New Graphing Method

08/12/03 Faculty Named to Dietary Guidelines Committee

08/11/03 Illiterate and Poor in Brazil Have Lower Life Expectancy


07/31/03 School Participates in AlphaVax HIV Vaccine Clinical Trial

07/28/03 60-Day Antibiotic Not Enough to Prevent Some Anthrax Cases

07/25/03 Over Half of Zimbabwean Women Believe Wife Beating is Justified

07/21/03 Some Mental Health Cost Controls May Increase Employers' Long-Term Expenses

07/10/03 Rise in Needle Sharing Among Pakistani Injection Drug Users

07/07/03 Patients Overly Optimistic About Phase I Clinical Trials

07/01/03 Reducing Dietary Dioxin Exposure


06/27/03 New Research Examines Global Child Mortality

06/26/03 Injuries Cost China Over $12 Billion A Year

06/26/03 Predictors of Alcohol Abuse in Schizophrenics

06/24/03 Group Psychotherapy Effective Treatment for Depression in Rural Uganda

06/17/03 Pakistani Injection Drug Users Twice as Likely to Donate Blood

06/13/03 Pregnant Women in Developing Countries More Prone to Violence

06/11/03 School Among Meatless Monday Campaign Scholar Program Winners

06/10/03 Three School Studies Published in June Health Policy and Planning

06/09/03 Vehicle Traffic Associated with Increased Carcinogen Levels

06/05/03 Gates Foundation Commits $40 Million to School of Public Health


05/30/03 Professors Named to Most Highly Cited Researchers List

05/29/03 School Researcher Addresses United Nations

05/27/03 Dean Sommer Receives Warren Alpert Foundation Scientific Prize

05/22/03 Diabetes, Environment Lead to Rise in Kidney Failure

05/22/03 Child Safety Seat Inspections Offered Free of Charge

05/12/03 School to Hold SARS Seminar

05/8/03 School Researchers Win Invention of the Year Award

05/06/03 Americans Pay More for Health Care but Receive Less in Return

05/06/03 Faculty Innovation Fund Awardees 2003

05/05/03 Pregnant African American Teens Need More Calcium For Healthy Fetal Bone Development

05/02/03 School to Establish Department to Study Ways to Enhance Healthy Behavior

05/02/03 Are Americans Getting Too Many Vitamins?


04/25/03 Responding to SARS (Wall Street Journal Op-Ed)

04/25/03 Exclusive Breastfeeding Reduces Infant Diarrhea

04/17/03 Residents In East Baltimore’s Empowerment Zone Use Internet as a Health Information Resource

04/16/03 Baltimore Area Anglers at Risk from Contaminated Fish

04/14/03 School and Chesapeake Bay Foundation Call for Public Health Indicators

04/11/03 Dean Sommer’s Editorial on SARS Epidemic

04/08/03 Grant Boosts School's Research on Secondhand Smoke

04/02/03 School's Drs. Slade and Salkever Win First Adam Smith Award


03/31/03 Folic Acid-Iron Supplements Reduce Risk of Low Birth Weight

03/28/03 Initiative Could Cut Future Blindness by Two Thirds

03/28/03 New Website on Global Environmental Change and Our Health

03/25/03 Assessment Finds Gaps In Access To Nation’s Trauma Centers

03/25/03 Lead Levels Linked to Hypertension in Menopausal Women

03/24/03 Message Regarding War In Iraq From Dean Sommer

03/24/03 Pakistani and Afghani Drug Users at High HIV Risk

03/19/03 Trachoma Leaves Millions Blind, Costs $2.9 Billion to Global Economy

03/14/03 Conference on “Dirty Bombs” at Maritime Institute - March 17

03/14/03“Docs, Cops, And Shops” Program To Curb Drinking And Driving

03/10/03 Chemical in Soy Alters Reproductive Organs in Male Rats

03/10/03 Public Health Consequences of War In Iraq Discussed At Forum

03/04/03 Dr. Zeger and Dr. Liang Among Most Highly Cited Researchers

03/04/03 Radio Drama Helps Young People Avoid HIV/AIDS


02/26/03 High-Risk Trachoma Patients Less Likely to Pay for Treatment

02/25/03 Internet Use May Benefit Survival Of Minority/Ethnic Breast Cancer Patients

02/24/03 Surveys Find Chronic Conditions A Widespread Concern

02/24/03 School Receives Grant to Research Parkinson's Disease

02/19/03 Preparedness Tips from the Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies

02/11/03 School Awarded $30 Million to Develop and Introduce Pneumococcal Vaccine to Poorer Nations

02/05/03 Federal Grant to Fund Mobile Safety Center

02/03/03 School Conducted Experiment Aboard Space Shuttle


01/24/03 Health Risks of Agricultural Antibiotic Use in the Poultry Industry

01/22/03 Domestic Violence Levels High in Rural Uganda

01/22/03 Food Fortification Spurred By Military Purchases

01/21/03 Preliminary Results of Poultry Worker Study Announced January 23

01/13/03 The Cancer Cluster Explained

01/13/03 CCP to Develop Vietnamese Serial Drama to Improve Health

01/08/03 Public Health Awareness Increased After September 11 Attacks

01/03/03 19.2 Million U.S. Adults Have Chronic Kidney Disease

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