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2002 News Releases and Articles


12/30/2002 Researchers Develop Smallpox Computer Simulation

12/20/2002 Dean Sommer Comments on Smallpox Vaccination Plan 

12/20/2002 Researchers Warn Biotech Advances Could Be Misused By Terrorists

12/19/2002 Journal Highlights Work of Malaria Research Institute 

12/13/2002 Death From Liver Disease Major Threat to Men with Hepatitis B and HIV

12/12/2002 No Functional Difference Found Between Amputation and Reconstructive Surgery for Patients with Severe Leg Injuries

12/11/2002 Malaria Rise In Africa Parallels Warming Trends

12/10/2002 HIV/AIDS Resource Center Opens in Ethiopia; School's CCP a Partner

12/03/2002 Satellite Images Predict Hantaviral Transmission Risk  

12/03/2002 Tips For “Green” Holiday Shopping  

12/03/2002 Laurie Zabin Recognized at Women Who Dared Celebration   

12/02/2002 School To Lead $25 Million Health Russia 2020 Project


11/27/2002 Mercury Associated With Risk of Heart Attack

11/26/2002 Environmental Enrichment Reverses Learning Impairments Caused By Lead Poisoning

11/25/2002 Scott Zeger Among the World’s Most Cited Mathematicians

11/18/2002 Life Expectancy Following Diagnosis Of Alzheimer’s Disease Depends On Age At Diagnosis

11/18/2002 Schools of Public Health Join Meatless Monday Campaign

11/14/2002 Neal Halsey Reaffirms Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism

11/14/2002 Dr. Pierce Wins Pollin Award

11/12/2002 Training Improves Cognitive Abilities of Older Adults

11/11/2002 Medicare Beneficiaries With Multiple Chronic Conditions 99 Times More Likely to be Hospitalized  

11/09/2002  Zinc Supplementation During Diarrhea Reduces Morbidity and Mortality in Bangladeshi Children  

11/08/2002 School Observes National American Indian Heritage Month

11/06/2002 School Launches CDC Center for Excellence in Environmental Public Health Tracking         

11/05/2002 Prior Use of Hormone Therapy Associated with Reduced Risk of Alzheimer Disease


10/31/02 Greater Patient Satisfaction in Same-Race Doctor-Patient Relationships

10/29/02 Robert S. Lawrence to Receive the Albert Schweitzer Award

10/21/02 Professor Robert Black Elected To Institute Of Medicine

10/17/02 Researchers Receive Grant to Establish Center for Study of Health Disparities

10/16/02 Researchers Identify Less Expensive HIV Progression Test

10/14/02 Spacing Births Three to Five Years Apart Is Healthier for Mothers and Babies in Developing World

10/11/02 USAID Chooses Group Led by Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs for 5-Year Global Information Project 

10/08/02 Dean Sommer Comments on Smallpox Vaccination Strategy  

10/07/02 School Introduces National “Meatless Monday” Health Campaign

10/01/02 HIV and Risky Behavior Decline Among Injection Drug Users in Baltimore


09/30/02 Kathleen Kennedy Townsend to Speak

09/27/02 School Receives Grant To Study Global Tobacco Use

09/26/02 Injection Drug Users Rarely Change Habits After Diagnosis with Hepatitis C

09/24/02 U.S. Releases Smallpox Vaccination Clinic Guide

09/24/02 Pain Relievers May Prevent Alzheimer’s 

09/19/02 Robert Ehrlich to Discuss Health Care Plans for Maryland

09/19/02 Race a Factor in Angiography Referral

09/19/02 Hib Conference September 22-25

09/16/02 Many Drunk Drivers Not Problem Drinkers

09/16/02 Researchers Identify First Genomic Blueprint of Cancer-Preventive Compound Found in Broccoli

09/06/02 New Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) Released

09/05/02 Dr. Anderson Voted One of the 100 Most Powerful In Healthcare


08/23/02 World Trade Center Clean-Up Workers Report Acute Respiratory Problems

08/22/02 School Researcher Discusses Anthrax-Destroying Enzyme

08/20/02 Study Finds Childhood Health Is Directly Related to Social Class

08/14/02 Female Physicians More Emotionally Focused and Patient-Centered When Communicating with Patients

08/08/02 Model State Emergency Health Powers Act Discussed in JAMA

08/07/02 School Researcher Discusses Threat of Mosquito-borne Disease


07/30/02 School Research Shows That Air Pollution Increases Cold Symptoms   

07/26/02 Gun Safety Programs for Children and Teens Not Effective

07/22/02 Injuries Account for Over Half of Children's Medicaid Expenses

07/18/02 HIV Drug Therapy Could Be Safely Delayed 

07/15/02 Scientists Create Polio Virus in Lab  

07/08/02 Safety of Sludge Used as Fertilizer Questioned

07/01/02 School Alumnus Named Assistant Secretary of Public Health Emergency Preparedness

07/01/02 Birth Control Pills Not Linked to Breast Cancer 


06/24/02 Strong Primary Care System Good For A Nation’s Health

06/21/02 D.A. Henderson to Receive Medal of Freedom

06/21/02 Smoking Linked To More Types Of Cancer

06/20/02 New Mobile Safety Center Announced

06/12/02 School Expert Discusses Public Health Threat Of A “Dirty Bomb”

06/12/02 Federal Food Allergy Research Not Addressing Biotechnology Issues

06/05/02 Researchers Update Findings Of Air Pollution Study


05/31/02 Half of Rape Survivors Do Not Receive Recommended Medical Treatment

05/30/02 Compound Found in Broccoli May Help Ulcers and Stomach Cancer

05/28/02 Alcohol, Cigarettes, Marijuana Use Rose in Manhattan After 9-11

05/21/02 D.A. Henderson's New Role in Biodefense

05/21/02 School Program Promotes AIDS Prevention in Ghana  

05/10/02 School Receives Grant to Assess Health of Ground Zero Cleanup Workers

05/09/02 Researchers Investigate Needs of Family Members When a Patient Dies 

05/07/02 Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses Examined As Potential Bioweapons

05/06/02 School Alumnus To Head Office Of Public Health Preparedness


04/30/02 Report Offers New Guidance for Managing Anthrax Attacks

04/29/02 Hepatitis C Immunity Studied

04/26/02 School Bioterrorism Expert Addresses Senate Committee 

04/23/02 Antibiotic Use In Animals Could Lead To Resistant Disease In Humans   

04/22/02 Domestic Violence Services Not Reaching Low-Income Women  

04/18/02 Weather Radar May Dectect Clouds Containing Biological Weapons

04/18/02 Input From Youth is Crucial in Promoting Adolesecent Health

04/17/02 Center For Communication Programs Wins Two Gold Quill Awards

04/16/02 Study Finds Acute Measles Suppresses HIV Replication

04/16/02 Nation's Largest AIDS Study Celebrates 18th Anniversary

04/15/02 Loosening Managed Care Rules May Improve Doctor-Patient Relationship

04/11/02 Marijuana Use Linked to Hallucinogen Use

04/10/02 School's Online Certificate Program Featured in U.S. News & World Report


03/29/02 Diluted Smallpox Vaccine Proved Effective -- Dean Sommer Comments

03/26/02 School Researchers Study Smallpox Spread Via Air Travel

03/20/02 Report Supports Sustainable Food Production -- Environment and Public Health Could Benefit from Shift in Agricultural Practices

03/07/02 Anthrax Outbreak Could Have Been Twice As Large

03/05/02 Male Virus Levels Significant in Spread of HIV to Women

03/01/02 FDA Removes Tuna as Risk to Pregnant Women


02/28/02 Managed Care Plans Staying in Medicare Provide Higher Quality of Care Than Those that Withdraw

02/27/02 Maryland's 1990 "Saturday Night Special" Ban Reduced Gun Homicides in the State, Study Shows

02/12/02 School of Public Health Hosts Scientific Symposium on Human Nutrition

02/07/02 Direct Contracting Health Plan Cuts Costs, Not Quality

02/01/02 Dean Sommer Denounces Smallpox Experiments


01/28/02 Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute Holds Inaugural Scientific Conference

01/24/02 Condoms and Education Dramatically Reduce HIV Spread in Thailand--Drug Use Still Major Transmission Source

01/16/02 Scientists Succeed in Blocking Transmission of Cell-Associated AIDS Virus

01/14/02 Researchers Seek Ways to Reduce Children's Injury Risk

01/07/02 Johns Hopkins Biodefense Center to Receive $1 Million Grant

01/03/02 Study Explores the Effect of Temperature on Mortality

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