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2001 News Releases


12/19/01 Gasoline Additive Interferes with Alcohol Breath Analyzers

12/18/01 Boating Safety: Don't Drink and Drive

12/15/01 Iron Supplements Help African Children Learn to Walk and Talk

12/13/01 People with Chronic Health Problems Are Heaviest Users of Medical Care, but System Not Organized to Meet Their Needs

12/04/01 Hopkins Study Dispels Panic Myth And Suggests Ways To Involve Public In Response To A Bioterrorist Attack


11/27/01 Chlorophyllin Reduces Aflatoxin Indicators Among people at High Risk for Liver Cancer

11/12/01 Researchers Examine Deaths of Two Postal Workers from Inhalational Anthrax

11/02/01 Henderson to Head U.S. Office of Public Health Preparedness

11/01/01 New Model Emergency Health Powers Act Proposed to Help States Respond Rapidly to Public Health Threats


10/08/01 Johns Hopkins Biodefense Expert to Chair Federal Advisory Council on Biodefense

10/02/01 Johns Hopkins Biodefense Expert Discusses Threat of Bioterrorism with Conference of U.S. Mayors


09/25/01 Researchers Examine the Use of Antiretroviral Therapy Among Injection Drug Users with HIV Infection

09/06/01 Rice-Based Oral Rehydration Solution Outperforms Glucose-Based Solution For Treating Cholera


08/30/01 Licensing and registration of firearms makes it harder for criminals and juveniles to get guns, new study shows


07/31/01 Extreme precipitation linked to waterborne disease outbreaks

07/30/01 Needle sellers on the street are a frequent source of supply for injection drug users in Baltimore

07/27/01 Researchers gain better understanding of deadly autoimmune heart ailment that affects young adults

07/22/01 Hopkins Human Research Resumes

07/19/01 Hopkins Research Suspension

07/18/01 School teachers become students to learn about cancer rate in Maryland and problems of teen smoking

07/18/01 Effective surgery fails to attract patients unless costs are low

07/16/01 Researchers find large discrepancies in spouses' reports on birth control

07/13/01 Researchers Discover How Immune System Rids Nervous System of Mosquito-borne Viruses

07/11/01 Depression Common in Single Mothers Receiving Welfare

07/05/01 Measles Vaccine Reduces Health Inequities by Dramatically Improving Survival of Poorest and Most Vulnerable Children


06/06/01 Johns Hopkins Working Group on Civilian Biodefense Warns Tularemia--Rabbit Fever--Could Be Bioweapons Threat


05/31/01 Restrictions on Teenage Drivers Carrying Passengers Potential Lifesaver

05/27/01 Study Finds Significant Gender Differences in Risk Factors for HIV Infection Among Injection Drug Users

05/25/01 Two Reproductive Health Experts to Join Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

05/15/01 Gender Differences In General Aviation Crashes

05/14/01 Chronic Kidney Disease is Common in the U.S. and is Strongly Associated with Under-Treatment of Hypertension

05/07/01 School receives $100 Million Gift for Malaria Research

05/02/01 Majority of Patients in Point-of-Service Health Plans Never Use Self-Referral Option for Specialty Care

05/01/01 Pneumococcal Vaccine Extremely Effective for High Risk Native American Communities

05/01/01 Expert Scientific Panel Releases National Assessment of Climate Change and Health in the United States: Impacts Could Be Far-Reaching


04/30/01 Study Estimates Gender Bias in U.S. Clinical Trials, Finds MenNot WomenUnder Represented in Most Research

04/30/01 Sin Taxes, Family Planning Clinics, and Tobacco Policies are Effective in Controlling Teenage Risk-Taking

04/24/01 Social and Psychosocial Factors Important Among Pregnant, Low-Income, African-American Women

04/23/01 Hopkins Names Public Health School After Michael Bloomberg

04/16/01 Study Examines Public Acceptance of Underage Drinking Prevention Policies

04/02/01 New Oral Rehydration Solution is More Effective for Treating Children with Diarrhea


03/19/01 Thailand's HIV-Prevention Program Has Slowed the Epidemic, But AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections Have Increased

03/16/01 Some Low-Birth-Weight Infants Destined to Be Small for Life

03/15/01 Breast Cancer is Not a Risk Factor for Colorectal Cancer Among Women

03/13/01 Study Identifies Best Way to Fight Blinding Disease

03/08/01 New Johns Hopkins Study Says Workers Show Reduced Neurobehavioral Function After Modest Exposure to Lead

03/07/01 HIV Viral Load is Lower in Women than Men

03/05/01 Home Therapy, Specialized Treatment Centers, Beneficial to Persons with Hemophilia

03/01/01 Some Low-Birth-Weight Infants Destined to Be Small for Life


02/28/01 Johns Hopkins Working Group on Civilian Biodefense Says Botulinum Toxin is a Major Biological Weapons Threat

02/01/01 Study Suggests How Cholera Returned to Latin America After 100-year Hiatus


01/31/01 Building Implosions Not a Spectator Sport

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