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2000 News Releases


12/14/00 Researchers Find No Link Between Problem Drinking and on the Job Injuries: Workplace Hazards Stronger Predictors of Risk

12/14/00 AIDS Analyst Gives Overview of Asia's Rising HIV Epidemic

12/13/00 Particulate Air Pollution Needs to Be Controlled to Protect Public Health

12/06/00 Cigarette Smoking Gateway to Illegal Drug Use 

12/06/00 Researchers Open New Front in Fight Against Malaria


11/30/00 Insurance Status Plays Key Role in Quality of Primary Care

11/29/00 Researchers Compare Two Venous Access Routes for Dialysis Patients

11/27/00 Passive Smoking Linked to Lower Levels of Some Micronutrients in the Blood

11/27/00 Zinc Supplements Important in Combating Diarrhea

11/20/00 Center for Law and the Public's Health Established by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

11/20/00 Scientists Take Big Step Toward Explaining Cause of Spinal Muscle Atrophy


10/26/00 Genetic Make-up May Decrease or Increase Risk of Lead Poisoning

10/24/00 Researchers Compare Community Health Centers With Hospital Outpatient Departments and Physician Offices

10/16/00 Scientists Zeroing in on a Cellular Pathway to Lung Cancer

10/02/00 Study Finds Women Not Under-represented in U.S. Clinical Trials


09/20/00 Logging Companies Play Major Role in the Emergence and Spread of New Diseases

09/20/00 Depressed Women Found to Be at Greater Risk for Breast Cancer 

09/19/00 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Awards School $300,000 For The Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies


08/31/00 Study Finds Silent Epidemic of Motor Vehicle Crashes in Pakistan

08/31/00 Women Who Have Delays in Pregnancy at Greater Risk for Spontaneous Abortions    

08/28/00 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funds Ground-Breaking Measles Vaccine Project for Infants in Developing Countries

08/10/00 Ethiopian Mothers Effectively Treat Malaria at Home

08/03/00 Scientists Discover How Lead Changes the Brain to Impair Learning and Memory

08/01/00 Mortality Rates Among United Nations Peacekeepers Remain Steady


07/31/00 New Health Assessment Method Reveals Remarkable Results for Developing Countries

07/24/00 Gates Foundation Awards $20 Million to Johns Hopkins School of Public Health--Grant Supports Research to Save Mothers, Children in Third World

07/14/00 New Study Shows Humanitarian Workers Increasingly Put Own Lives on the Line

07/10/00 Scientists Find Direct Link Between Amount of Loss Suffered During an Earthquake and The Likelihood of PTSD


06/30/00 New Study Assesses Risks for Receiving Mental Disability Payments

06/28/00 DNA Vaccine Shown to Fight Measles

06/22/00 Acceptable Levels of Volatile Organic Compounds Found in Copy Centers

06/20/00 Link Found between Cholesterol and Kidney Disease

06/13/00 New Safety-Climate Scale Measures Working Conditions of Hospital Workers  

06/08/00 Scientists Narrow Search for Genes that Control the Breathing Response

06/06/00 Off-Premises Liquor Stores Targeted to Poor Urban Blacks


05/18/00 Scientists Identify Gene Responsible for Ozone-Induced Lung Hyperpermeability Injury

05/18/00 Susceptibility to Particulate Air Pollution Linked to Genetic Factors      

05/15/00 Fertility Rate of HIV-infected Women Is 37 Percent Less Than That of Healthy Women

05/01/00 Researchers Identify Factors Influencing Employees' Long-Term Disability Claims for Mental Disorders


04/18/00 HIV Treatment for Pregnant Women Should Be Considered

04/11/00 High Blood Pressure Linked to Sleep Apnea


03/30/00 Survey Shows Voters Rank Public Health Over New Roads, Missile Defense System, or Tax Cuts

03/22/00 Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Will Offer Free Medical Exams to Former Los Alamos Workers  

03/21/00 Risk of Crash Fatalities to Teen Drivers Increases With Number of Passengers

03/15/00 High Blood Pressure Seldom Controlled in Underserved Urban Neighborhoods

03/15/00 Public Health Improvements Key to Adapting to Climate Change Risks

03/14/00 Unintentional and Musculoskeletal Injuries: Greatest Health Threat to Military Personnel

03/03/00 Fast, Accurate Tuberculosis Test is Well-suited for Developing Nations

03/01/00 Researchers Receive $25 Million NIH Grant to Study the Potential of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Treating Alzheimer's Disease 


02/28/00 Preventive Intervention Shown to Reduce the Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Thai Army Field Trial

02/17/00 Special Issue of Journal Explores Connection Between The Health of the Chesapeake Bay and The Health of People

02/14/00 Better Medical Screening Could Reduce Adolescent Suicide Rate

02/04/00 No Conclusive Link Seen Between Simian Virus 40 and Human Cancer

02/03/00 Breastfeeding Reduces Infectious Disease Infant Mortality

02/03/00 El Niño Increases Diarrheal Disease Incidence by 200 Percent


01/20/00 Population Reports Issue Shows Violence Against Women Widespread

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