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1999 News Releases


12/14/99 Reducing Welfare Payments Has No Impact on Vaccination Rates For Young Children in Maryland   
12/13/99 Needlestick Injuries to Healthcare Workers Significantly Reduced      
12/07/99 Zinc Reduces Pneumonia by 41 percent and Diarrhea by Up to 25 percent
12/06/99 US Vital Statistics Show Death Rates Down, Birth Rates Up   
12/01/99 Managed Mental Health Care Plans Likely to Impose Arbitrary Benefit Limits


11/24/99 For-Profit Dialysis Facilities Have Higher Mortality Rates and Lower Transplant Referral Rates Than Not-For-Profit Facilities
11/15/99 Scientists Discover How Viral Infections Trigger Asthma Attacks
11/01/99 Urine Testing Proves an Accurate Measure in HIV Screening


10/18/99 Prevention Science Comes of Age
10/08/99 Susan Baker Honored With American Public Health Association's Award for Excellence
10/05/99 Urgent Need for Smoking Prevention Program in China
10/04/99 Minorities' Primary Health Care Substandard Compared To Whites'


09/29/99 Treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases Does Not Reduce HIV Incidence in Mature HIV Epidemics
09/29/99 Hyperventilation of Cold Air Produces Asthma-Like Symptoms in Dogs
09/22/99 Frequent Injection Drug Use May Increase Risk
09/09/99 House Flies Can Transmit Cryptosporidium
09/09/99 Public Health Project to Address Problems of Animal Production


08/31/99 Educated Moms Better at Predicting Baby's Sex
08/31/99 Traffic Exhaust Poisons Home Air
08/25/99 Self Collection of HPV Samples Promotes Early Screening for Cervical Cancer 
08/16/99 Drinking Polluted Water May Increase Risk of Esophageal Cancer
08/16/99 Ski and Snowboard Injury Study on the Internet


07/22/99 Death Rates Rise for North Korean Migrants
07/21/99 Study Shows Risk of Alzheimer's Disease Drops in the Oldest Old
07/15/99 Vitamin A Cuts Children's Malaria Risk by Nearly a Third
07/14/99 Lactose-Free Soy-Based Baby Formula Recommended for Treatment
07/07/99 High Rates of Sexual Transmission of HIV Found in Married Couples


06/30/99 Work Environment Affects Rate of Back Injuries
06/25/99 Live Drama May Be More Effective Than TV or Radio in Teaching About AIDS 
06/17/99 Researchers Block Sexual Stage of Malaria Parasite
06/16/99 Study Analyzes Relationship Between Disease Burden and NIH Funding


05/28/99 Comprehensive Community Care for Mentally Ill Cuts Hospital Days
05/25/99 Gates Foundations Give Johns Hopkins $20 Million
05/25/99 Students Living on Campus Get Meningitis More Often
05/25/99 Alcohol Important in Injury Mortality


04/27/99 Pollutants Found in House Dust Increase Pesticide's Toxicity
04/10/99 Having A Primary Care Physician Can Offset Some Adverse Health Effects of Poverty
04/10/99 Regardless of Their Risk of Colon Cancer, Most Would Undergo Genetic Screening
04/08/99 Study Defines Scope of Vaccine-Preventable Infections in Asia


03/24/99 Cheap, Convenient DNA Vaccine May Short-Circuit Malaria Parasite
03/17/99 Fifteenth Anniversary of the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study


02/26/99 Dietary Vitamin A Supplements Improve Maternal Survival in South Asia
02/16/99 Researchers Prove Chemoprevention Can Work
02/11/99 Controlling Sexually Transmitted Diseases May Not Lower HIV Infection Rate 
02/01/99 Ethnic Disparities Between Blacks and Whites Receiving Cardiac Procedures Eliminated 


01/26/99 Researchers Study Methods To Improve Cervical Cancer Screening

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