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Visualizing PERCH Results: Etiology of Pneumonia in Children Hospitalized in 7 Countries

Visualizing PERCH Results: Etiology of Pneumonia in Children Hospitalized in 7 Countries HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE PNEUMONIA ETIOLOGY RESEARCH FOR CHILD HEALTH (PERCH) STUDY This interactive microsite illustrates the results from the IVAC-led PERCH study through 4 key chapters: Pneumonia is a leading cause of death in children worldwide and we need updated evidence about its current causes Causes of childhood pneumonia in PERCH The PERCH […]

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Measles and rubella serosurvey identifies rubella immunity gap in young adults of childbearing age in Zambia: The added value of nesting a serological survey within a post-campaign coverage evaluation survey.

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Comparison of three rapid household survey sampling methods for vaccination coverage assessment in a peri-urban setting in Pakistan

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