Targeted Assessment Study Coordination/Communication (TASC)

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has helped to immunize over 760 million people against deadly diseases, saving more than 13 million lives. In addition to supporting vaccines against 17 infectious diseases and funding health systems strengthening programs, among other priorities, Gavi supports a strategic portfolio of Monitoring and Evaluation activities designed to measure and optimize impact. This portfolio includes a number of diverse Targeted Assessments around the world, which fill critical vaccine-related evidence gaps identified by the Gavi Board.


IVAC provides coordination and communication support for 45 pneumococcal or rotavirus vaccine analyses being carried out in over a dozen countries. IVAC communication staff work with Gavi and the research organizations implementing Targeted Assessments to develop and implement communications and advocacy plans that translate key epidemiological, economic, and programmatic research into strategies that support advocates and decision-makers globally and in Gavi-supported countries.


Since 2015, TASC achievements have included:

  • Data visualization-focused websites to chart the impact of pneumococcal vaccines are having in Kenya and Nepal
  • Powerful photo and video stories to document the lives of people affected by vaccine-preventable diseases in Nepal and Mongolia and highlight Targeted Assessment results
  • Other activities including media engagement, photo books, and major advocacy events