Rotavirus Accelerated Vaccine Introduction Network (RAVIN)


Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among children and is responsible for over 200,000 under-5 deaths per year, as well as thousands of more hospitalizations. Despite the fact that safe, effective rotavirus vaccines are available, over 90 million children still lack access to these life-saving vaccines.


The Rotavirus Accelerated Vaccine Introduction Network (RAVIN) is a partnership led by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC), in collaboration with JSI and CDC, and is designed to provide policy, advocacy, and technical support to focus countries throughout the entire continuum of introducing rotavirus vaccine (RVV) – from the consideration and decision-making process to implementation and post-launch activities.

IVAC leads the RAVIN partnership as the connective tissue between JSI, CDC, and in-country WHO and UNICEF teams. RAVIN supports countries to accelerate the process of rolling out RVV and provides technical assistance activities such as: supporting the creation of high-quality Gavi applications, contributing to the introduction planning and roll-out of RVV in-country, and providing post-launch supportive supervision and monitoring.

RAVIN also partners with its sister organization, ROTA Council to build evidence and support the decision-making process in neighboring African and Asian countries.


As of January 2018, 5 out of 8 focus countries have submitted RVV support applications to Gavi, including Afghanistan, whose introduction ceremony from January 2018 is featured above.