PCV Interchangeability Assessment


Three pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) products are currently World Health Organization (WHO)-prequalified and available for use worldwide. With multiple products available, countries will need to consider interchangeability issues, namely the ability to use more than one PCV product without adversely affecting the safety or the effectiveness of the PCV program.


To help inform policy on interchangeability of PCV, we reviewed current evidence to assess the biologic and epidemiologic impact described in settings where children received two different PCV products.


Our review found no evidence suggesting cause for concern for children who may have received a combination of products in routine use. Further, we did not see evidence of dampening of the downward trend in rates of disease due to serotypes common to both vaccines during or after a product switch. Given the number of countries (and sub-national jurisdictions) that have successfully switched products without adverse outcomes, the likelihood of undesirable consequences from a mixed product schedule are low.