Support for Policy-Making in Nigeria

Nigeria’s National Immunisation Coverage Survey (NICS) 2016-2017 Briefs

An immunization coverage survey conducted in Nigeria to assess coverage of vaccine antigens provided through the health system among children aged 12-23 months. Planning for the National Immunisation Coverage Survey (NICS) began in early 2015. Field work was conducted August 2016- January 2017. The survey was commissioned by the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) and conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in cooperation with state Bureau of Statistics in Kano and Lagos. Experiences field workers, primarily females, were selected from each state to facilitate communication with mothers of children.

Download the results here.

Landscape Analysis of Routine Immunization

The project aimed to identify the key supply- and demand-side bottlenecks to routine immunization coverage in Nigeria, and determine drivers of low coverage and inequalities. This work described the landscape and status of previous and current routine immunization strengthening programs in Nigeria and identified context-specific opportunities and strategies for improving immunization service access and delivery, utilization, uptake and demand. Suggested packages of interventions were rated for feasibility and impact.

Download the LARI White Paper

Download the LARI Brief

Parliamentary Advocacy and Financing for Immunization in Nigeria (PAFFIN)

IVAC is currently working in partnership with the Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria (HERFON) and Nigeria’s parliamentarians to increase knowledge of the value of immunization programs among key national stakeholders and identify opportunities to improve immunization financing and address gaps in vaccine access at the state and local levels.

Women Advocates for Vaccine Access (WAVA)

WAVA is a coalition of women-focused civil society organizations in Nigeria advocating for increased routine immunization and sustainable vaccine financing. Founded in 2011, it is supported by the Johns Hopkins University International Vaccines Access Center (JHU-IVAC) to help increase uptake of immunization services in Nigeria. The objectives of WAVA are to:

  • Inspire women-led and women-focused civil society networks, professional associations, non-political pressure groupsto adopt advocacy for sustainable vaccine access and financing as a strategic interest of their organizations
  • Build the capacity of members on effective advocacy for adequate funding and delivery of immunization services
  • Advocate for appropriate resources to address vaccine access, funding gap and mainstream programmes that support WAVA’s vision
  • Conduct operations research and disseminate the outcome to inform the development of advocacy strategies targeting critical stakeholders
  • Create and operate a resource center to support RI advocacy in Africa
  • Mobilize resources to address issues related to vaccine access and render account of such commitment transparently within established global best practices
  • Support coalition members with resources to promote WAVA’s strategic objectives
Nigeria’s National Vaccine Summit

IVAC worked with the Nigerian government, Nigerian Pediatric Association and Nigerian and international stakeholders to hold the first National Vaccine Summit to galvanize high-level and grass roots support for vaccines. The summit brought together a broad range of stakeholders to discuss vaccines, and catalyzed political commitments and ownership of vaccine strategy to enhance access and delivery in Nigeria. Town Hall meetings in six states occurred prior to the summit, which was held on April 16-17, 2012 in Abuja.  The summit resulted in a major commitment to reduce child deaths, through an aggressive push to expand vaccine access.

Organizers of the summit released a detailed communique outlining the commitments made by national and international stakeholders to advance routine immunization in Nigeria. Full reports from the summit and town hall meetings are below.

1st National Vaccine Summit Report

National Vaccine Summit Town Hall Report

World Pneumonia Day in Nigeria

As part of the World Pneumonia Day Small Grants Program, six organizations hosted events across Nigeria to advocate for pneumonia prevention and treatment.The Small Grants Program supports events and activities that promote pneumonia prevention and control in countries where childhood pneumonia has the greatest impact.

Read more about the Small Grant Program here and here.

Infographic: Breaking Down Barriers to Vaccine Coverage

Building on its Landscape Analysis of Routine Immunization policy brief, IVAC has developed an infographic that highlights key interventions that can help Nigeria scale up its immunization coverage and save lives.

Download the infographic here.