Mary Carol Jennings, MD, MPH

Associate Faculty

Dr. Mary Carol Jennings is a public health physician certified in preventive medicine with a clinical background in obstetrics & gynecology and programmatic expertise in maternal, infant and child health interventions. Her current research and practice focus on best practices to support low- and middle-income countries in data-driven decision making to scale up vaccine access and other preventive interventions in fragile health systems. She directed the RAVIN project, a rotavirus vaccine accelerator partnership with IVAC, CDC, and JSI, working in eight Gavi focus countries. Dr. Jennings is the Chief Medical Officer at Sendero Health Plans.

Selected work includes accomplishments as a co-investigator on an implementation science study of a new facility-based indicator of perinatal mortality in Tanzania, supported by USAID’s Maternal Child Survival Program. She has worked in the U.S., the Philippines, Kenya, and Tanzania, in addition to her current focus in West & Central Africa and South-East Asia.