Andrea Carcelén, PhD

Assistant Scientist

Dr. Andrea Carcelén is an Assistant Scientist in the International Health Department. Her work focuses on supporting immunization programs to reach vulnerable populations through innovative surveillance of vaccine preventable diseases and mixed-methods research on improving vaccine uptake, with a focus on countries in Latin America and Africa. Her current projects include the Strengthening Immunization Systems through Serosurveillance (SISS) in Zambia and leveraging the Countrywide Mortality Surveillance for Action (COMSA) for serological surveillance of vaccine preventable diseases in Mozambique. She also works on maternal vaccination and vaccination beyond the first year of life.

Dr. Carcelén received her MPH in Maternal and Child Health from University of Alabama at Birmingham, and her PhD in the International Health Department at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Prior to joining Hopkins, she worked in the Global Immunization Division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, focusing on measles and polio outbreak response as well as new vaccine introduction. She has worked in over 15 countries during her 12 years in global health.