Alvira Z. Hasan, MSPH

Research Associate

Alvira is a research associate at IVAC working as the coordinator for the Strengthening Immunization Systems through Serosurveillance (SISS) project in India and Impact of measles-rubella (MR) vaccination campaign on population immunity (IMRVI) study in India, a collaboration between JHSPH and the Indian Council of Medical Research. The goal of IMRVI is to measure age-specific seroprevalence to measles and rubella viruses before and/or after state-wide MR vaccination campaigns in India. These campaigns represent the first-time a rubella-containing vaccine is introduced into the Universal Immunization Programme in India. These serosurveys will be conducted out of district-level Model Rural Health Research Units and will help establish the capacity of these units to conduct disease surveillance, including serological surveys for vaccine-preventable diseases. She coordinates daily project activities, supports study design and implementation, drafts SOPs and study documents, manages regulatory approvals, liaises with collaborators, coordinates communications, and prepares reports for donors and key stakeholders. She is based in New Delhi, India.