World Immunization Week 2022: Webinars

During World Immunization Week 2022 the International Vaccine Access Center, along with global immunization and indigenous health partners, will host a three webinars. Registration is free, and we encourage all to sign up and save these dates on their calendars.

Enabling Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines for Indigenous Populations

When: April 26, 2022


Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected Indigenous peoples from a health, economic, and spiritual perspective, threatening the survival of elders and the perpetuation of culture, which is vital for well-being. Despite layered challenges, Indigenous communities showed remarkable agility and resilience. Co-hosted with the Center for American Indian Health, a panel discussion will bring together Indigenous and allied physicians and public health leaders from the U.S. and Australia to discuss lessons learned from engaging communities to overcome programmatic hurdles and encourage the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines for populations across the life course.

The Value of Vaccines Across the Life Course: A Showcase of Global Findings

When: April 28, 2022


Description: The 2022 World Immunization Week theme “Long Life for All” aims to unify people around the idea that vaccines make it possible for us to follow our dreams, protect our loved ones, and live a long, healthy life. Vaccines provide everyone a chance at a fulfilling life, from maternal immunizations that protect the youngest infants to vaccines that keep us healthy and active as we age. Across the globe, researchers are studying the many ways that immunization is key to “Long Life for All.” Hear from a panel of scientists and thought leaders on the value of immunization across different contexts, ages, and methodologies.

The Human Cost of Pneumonia and the Power of the PCV: Stories from Somalia and India

When: May 3, 2022


Description: An expert panel discussed the devastating impact of pneumonia on unvaccinated children and the lifesaving impact of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) in Somalia, which is yet to introduce the PCV, and in India, which has begun national scale-up. PCVs are a critical intervention to protect children and those in their community, including older adults. This webinar highlighted the perspectives of families directly affected by pneumonia, as well as government officials, global health agencies, NGOs and health workers, and underscore the importance of advocacy efforts to drive PCV coverage to above 90%.