Webinar: Behind the Numbers – Building Community Trust in Vaccination

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcw2LGjznUA.

Description: A panel of experts, advocates, and community ambassadors discussed the VALUE Baltimore project. For VALUE, which stands for Vaccine Acceptance & Access Lives in Unity, Education & Engagement, communities are central partners in vaccine policy. VALUE focuses on identifying under-vaccinated neighborhoods and utilizing peer ambassadors, working with the Baltimore City Health Department and partners to co-create an approach to engage community members and address the unique contexts of individual communities. This bottom-up approach has allowed Baltimore to achieve a COVID-19 vaccination rate higher than most U.S. counties with similar sociodemographic characteristics and disease burden. Panelists discussed elements of Baltimore’s success in reaching nine VALUE communities as well as remaining challenges, such as attaining an 80% COVID-19 vaccine coverage rate while building trust in communities that face tough challenges well beyond the pandemic.


  • Brandon Clayton, VALUE Young Men Ambassador
  • Keyonna Mayo, VALUE Disability and Underlying Conditions (DUC) Ambassador
  • Laneese Baylor, VALUE Ambassador Coordinator, Pregnant and Lactating Women
  • Lois Privor-Dumm (Moderator), International Vaccine Access Center
  • Teresa Leslie, PhD, International Vaccine Access Center
  • Yvonne Bronner, ScD, Morgan State University