A roadmap to recovery

By: MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership/International Vaccine Access Center

Originally published on Gavi.org

Odontuya, a mother in Ulaanbaatar, recalls when her young daughter was hospitalised with pneumonia as one of her darkest days. Her daughter survived, and when Mongolia later introduced pneumococcal vaccines, Odontuya vaccinated her younger son to protect him against pneumococcus, which can cause severe pneumonia and meningitis.

Her story – of individuals and nations taking action to secure a healthier future – is emblematic of our hope, reliance and expectation that immunisation systems will continue to deliver unprecedented progress. We cannot take this for granted.

Immunisation, a public health tool that has recently captured the imagination of our pandemic-afflicted world, has been quietly saving of millions of lives. Every year, more than 116 million infants receive vaccines, which can prevent more than 20 life-threatening diseases. However, gains in immunisation coverage have stagnated in recent years and an estimated 14 million children have never received a single routine vaccine dose.

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