New VIEW-Hub Look

VIEW-hub was first launched by IVAC in 2016 as a tool to help visualize vaccine access data. It was recently relaunched to include a new look and features for data visualization.

Data on vaccine introduction, product and dosing schedules being used, coverage, vaccine impact studies, and disease burden are essential to address policy-relevant questions. VIEW-hub collates this information, packages it into presentation-ready visuals, and facilitates its use to support and enhance immunization programs worldwide.

VIEW-hub is IVAC’s publicly accessible interactive platform to visualize real-time information on vaccine use, product type, coverage levels, impact assessments, and disease burden estimates. It can be utilized to track progress and strategize ways to accelerate and optimize vaccine implementation. This tool is designed for global, regional, and national stakeholders from the global health community, including partners, civil society organizations, academia, industry, governments, and donor institutions.

VIEW-hub compiles data from a variety of official and unofficial vetted partner sources in a central platform where data visualizations (e.g. maps, graphics) and summaries can be easily generated and customized to the user’s needs. Data are systematically gathered and triangulated across official sources as needed to ensure validity.

With the new look, this dynamic tool allows you to visualize for vaccine coverage based on the country, vaccine, over time, and other important variables.

New Information and Features on the Site Include:

  1. HPV module
  2. Country profiles
  3. Historical coverage 
  4. Visualizations and use for presentations 

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