IVAC’s VoICE tool now has over 200 data summaries and arguments to support the broad value of vaccines

VoICE, the Value of Immunization Compendium of Evidence, an online tool, aims to equip global advocates and partners with new arguments and evidence to demonstrate and support the continued investments in immunization programs, and why it is essential. This searchable online resource details the many far-reaching impacts of immunization and vaccine-preventable disease and on equity, health, economics, societal well-being and more. The VoICE tool showcases the value that vaccines can have beyond direct impact on morbidity and mortality.

Concepts and evidence found in the online tool illustrate not only the toll vaccine-preventable diseases can have on families, communities, health systems, and nations, but also the corresponding benefits that immunization confers at each level.

VoICE now contains more than 200 ideas, data summaries, and peer-reviewed scientific articles illustrating the broad value of immunization. The VoICE evidence is organized under 6 primary topic areas and almost 30 subtopics, such as Return on Investment, Gender inequity, and Conflict and Humanitarian Emergencies.

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