Celebrating World Immunization Week 2018

IVAC is celebrating World Immunization Week 2018, April 24-30, by sharing messages about the value of vaccines. Check out IVAC’s World Immunization Week 2018 Social Media Toolkit. The toolkit features messages from:

  • The Value of Immunization Compendium of Evidence (VoICE)– Developed using evidence from the VoICE tool, the IVAC Toolkit features messages on the value of vaccines beyond morbidity and mortality. Example tweet:  Vaccines help promote healthy childhood growth and physical development by breaking the cycle of childhood infections. Vaccinated kids in Kenya were 27% less likely to have stunted growth than unimmunized kids https://bit.ly/2HplQrd #VaccinesWork ” [image for tweet below]

nutrition graphic

  • VIEW-hub –  VIEW-hub is an online data visualization platform. The IVAC toolkit shares the utility of VIEW-hub, such as national and subnational information on vaccine introduction, disease burden data, and more! Share a message from VIEW-hub, such as: “@IVACTweets makes vaccine data accessible to country leaders everywhere and anywhere. That’s why VIEW-hub now has a new mobile app and national and subnational level immunization data. Strong evidence supports strong leadership! #VaccinesWork http://view-hub.org” [image for tweet below]

VIEWhub vax intro dashboard

  • IVAC’s champion quote cards – IVAC salutes vaccine champions from around the world. In the IVAC Toolkit, you will find messages from around the world from vaccine advocates who share why they have dedicated themselves to ensuring vaccines for children everywhere. Example tweet: “Dr. Meher Taj Roghani, an elected leader of #KP, Pakistan, believes in communicating the integrated approach to protecting child health. Vaccines and breastfeeding are important parts! #VaccinesWork @IVACTweets”

Meher Taj Roghani

Access the toolkit here.