IVAC Launches VIEW-hub Interactive Data Visualization Platform

IVAC’s new VIEW-hub (Vaccine Information and Epidemiology Window) platform is now live. VIEW-hub is a publicly accessible, interactive platform that enables users to instantly visualize data about vaccine introductions, product usage, dosing schedules, access, coverage, and more for a number of vaccines. Custom queries and maps, exportable data and graphics, and a map gallery are just some of the interactive features users can access. 

VIEW-hub compiles data from a variety of official and unofficial vetted partner sources—WHO’s Immunization Data Repository and other official WHO sources, UNICEF, Gavi, government ministry of health websites, CDC, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, recurring literature sources, and vetted media—in a central platform where data visualization and summaries can be easily generated and customized. Data are gathered systematically across official sources as needed to ensure validity. VIEW-hub extends the functionality and content of the former Vaccine Information Management System (VIMS), allowing users to track progress and strategize ways to accelerate and optimize vaccine implementation.

To learn more about the new tool and view video tutorials on how to use the platform, click here