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JHSPH Campaign News

DSM renews commitment to global nutrition research

Nov 4 2014

DSM Nutritional Products AG, the world's largest vitamin manufacturer, awards $1.25M grant to JHSPH to prevent micronutrient deficiencies through the Sight and Life Global Nutrition Research Institute…


Fun with numbers

Oct 29 2014

When unexpected problems and opportunities arise, JHSPH is ready


A familiar struggle

June 17 2014

Brown Scholarship enabled Amanda Latimore to research disparities in poor, urban communities


Water, water, everywhere?

June 4 2014

The Johns Hopkins Water Institute wants you to value the H20 you use


A champion for public health: Margaret Himmelfarb

May 13 2014

Bloomberg School of Public Health alumna guides centennial celebration…


Investing in People: Campaign Update at One-Year Mark

May 06 2014

One year in: Capital campaign dollars are already at work, nourishing ideas and enriching lives…


Welcome from Constance Caplan

Mar 15 2014

Health Advisory Board member Connie Caplan kicks off the JHSPH campaign newsletter…


Two very different students share a common drive to serve

Mar 06 2014

Macks Family and Brown Scholars plan to work in the community…


JHU Announces First 3 Bloomberg Distinguished Professors

Feb 18 2014

A Nobel laureate and a prominent sociologist are first in group of scholars created to foster collaboration …


New center aims to solve autism puzzle

Nov 26 2013

Wendy Klag Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities opens its doors to scholars and families with inaugural symposium…


Public Health alumnus endows professorship in health policy and management

Sep 05 2013

Gift from Dr. Min-Ho Huang to endow the Show Chwan Professorship…


Peter Agre and the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Aug 20 2013 , Comments (1)

Research Looks for Innovative Ways to Prevent this Deadly Disease…


The Heavy Toll of Lacking Potable Water

May 02 2013

Kellogg Schwab…