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Public Health Science

Public health depends upon the growth of scientific knowledge, and when that growth is slowed, the results are stagnation and decay.
Raymond Fosdick, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, 1948

Trainees are the engines of public health progress

Consider making a gift today to give a bright new scientist the keys to a laboratory here at the Bloomberg School. With your help, our trainees can begin weaving tomorrow’s tapestry of discovery.

President Daniels urges continued investment in research

In a new video for The Science Coalition, Johns Hopkins President Ronald J. Daniels emphasized the "critical importance" of continued investment in scientific research and development. "The genius of this country has been its willingness to invest where other countries have not, in basic R&D, and recognizing that that investment will have a whole host of consequences that will improve life in ways we can't possibly imagine." The decline in NIH funding has disproportionately affected America's young scientists, who are exiting the academic biomedical workforce, a brain drain that poses grave risks for the future of science.

Scott Bailey receives $250,000 President's Frontier Award

Curiosity led BMB professor to explore counter-measures against antibiotic-resistant bacteria and pave the way for treating genetic diseases.

Fighting Lyme disease

Ying Zhang and colleagues have discovered a mixture of three antimicrobial drugs that may provide a knockout punch to the Lyme disease superbug.

New discovery gives hope for ALS treatment

Nature published JHSPH team’s pathbreaking discovery of the sequence of post-mutation molecular events that triggers ALS.