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Public Health Science

Our goal: Solve the most important public health problems by incubating, accelerating and translating groundbreaking research.

Research is a cornerstone of the Bloomberg School’s mission, and important discoveries made by our faculty and research staff have helped improve the public’s health here at home and around the world for more than a century.

Johns Hopkins Lyme and Tickborne Diseases Research and Education Institute

With all tickborne diseases on the rise nationally and globally, the urgent public health problem of Lyme disease requires a swift, comprehensive solution. 

Tireless Teen Takes Ticks To Task

Olivia Goodreau, now living with Lyme, created the LivLyme Foundation to raise awareness of tick-borne illnesses and funding for research in this challenging area.

NBC News
Lyme disease is an emergency. Instead of feeding the hype, we must support the science.

The controversy may be low-hanging fruit, but what we really need to focus on is a motherlode of hopeful research shining new light on the disease.

The Atlantic
Lyme Disease Is Baffling, Even to Experts

But new insights are at last accumulating.

Trainees are the engines of public health progress

Consider making a gift today to give a bright new scientist the keys to a laboratory here at the Bloomberg School. With your help, our trainees can begin weaving tomorrow’s tapestry of discovery.

New discovery gives hope for ALS treatment

Nature published JHSPH team’s pathbreaking discovery of the sequence of post-mutation molecular events that triggers ALS.