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Mental Health and Addiction

parityCenter for Mental Health and Addiction Research

The Center uses a public health approach to strengthen mental health and addiction services and systems in the United States. Its goal is to improve the lives of persons with mental illness and addiction through engaging in policy research, translating research evidence into policy and practice. The Center is training a new generation of policy researchers in this field.

Kawi Professorship established in 2015 with focus on early prevention of mental health disorders

Rashelle Musci, the Dr. Ali and Rose Kawi Professor in the Bloomberg School's Department of Mental Health, is an expert in child mental health prevention science. She uses quantitative methods and measurement approaches in her work on adolescent mental health, including suicide, externalizing behaviors, and substance abuse.


Help us fight the opioid painkiller epidemic

Rates of prescription drug abuse and overdose deaths are skyrocketing. The annual number of fatal drug overdoses in the United States now surpasses those of motor vehicle deaths. The Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness supports innovative research and public advocacy to help stem this epidemic. JHSPH and the Clinton Foundation convened Town Hall symposia in 2014, 2015, and 2017 in Baltimore.