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Doctoral Funding

Dean Ellen J. MacKenzie, PhD ’79, ScM ’75 has set an ambitious goal: Establish sustainable funding models that guarantee full funding for all PhD students. ​

The obstacles

The opportunity

Under Dean MacKenzie's leadership, the School has made a commitment to fund tuition, fees and a living stipend for all PhD students for 4 years. The benefits of this support will be spread across every field and department in the School.

Consider basic science, a major engine of public health progress. Personnel, not equipment, is the biggest expense for laboratory research. Stable endowment funding will enable our budding scientists to test unconventional ideas, while taking the time required to learn a highly complex field such as the molecular genetics of neurodegenerative diseases. That's the specialty of Jiao Wang, faculty in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, who says:

Our trainees are concentrating on their research and make a lot less money than their peers who go into industry. They’re doing it for the love of science, not a salary, and funding them is the best investment donors can make.

To discuss major gifts, please contact Heath Elliott, Associate Dean for External Affairs. We greatly appreciate your support and dedication to advancing the health of populations from Baltimore to Bangalore.